Multitech RightFax Faxfinder Credential Disclosure

Type packetstorm
Reporter Joshua Platz
Modified 2016-11-21T00:00:00


                                            `[+] Credits: Joshua Platz aka Binary1985  
[+] Website:  
[+] Source:  
Multitech RightFax Faxfinder  
< Version 4.1.2  
The FaxFinderA(r) all-in-one fax server provides distributed faxing capabilities, over a WAN, from a corporate office  
to small remote offices as well as to field sales people.  
Vulnerability Type:  
Cleartext Password Storage  
Vulnerability Details:  
FaxFinder stores Passwords unencrypted for maintaining the test  
connectivity function of its LDAP configuration. These credentials  
are retrieved by the system when the LDAP configuration page is opened  
and is embedded directly into the HTLM in cleartext.  
1) Log into FaxFinder application. Default admin/admin  
2) Navigate to the LDAP configuration at <IP>/system_configuration/ldap  
3) View the HTLM source code, extracting the domain, username, and password from the HTLM form.  
Key value name(html form ID's):  
domain, username, password(cleartext)  
Remediation Details:  
Apply security update issued in patch 4.1.2:  
2016-03-29 - Issue Reported to Vendor  
2016-03-29 - Vendor Awknowledged Issue  
2016-06-07 - Beta Patch Introduced  
2016-11-18 - Patch Issued  
2016-11-21 - Public Disclsoure  
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