Trango Systems Backdoor Root Account

Type packetstorm
Reporter Ian Ling
Modified 2016-11-12T00:00:00


                                            `[+] Credits: Ian Ling  
[+] Website:  
[+] Source:  
All models. Newer versions use a different password.  
Vulnerability Type:  
Default Root Account  
CVE Reference:  
Vulnerability Details:  
Trango devices all have a built-in, hidden root account, with a default   
password that is the same across many devices and software revisions.   
This account is accessible via ssh and grants access to the underlying   
embedded unix OS on the device, allowing full control over it. Recent   
software updates for some models have changed this password, but have   
not removed this backdoor. See source above for details on how the   
password was found.  
The particular password I found is 9 characters, all lowercase, no   
numbers: "bakergiga"  
Their support team informed me that there is a different password on   
newer devices.  
The password I found works on the following devices:  
-Apex <= 2.1.1 (latest)  
-ApexLynx < 2.0  
-ApexOrion < 2.0  
-ApexPlus <= 3.2.0 (latest)  
-Giga <= 2.6.1 (latest)  
-GigaLynx < 2.0  
-GigaOrion < 2.0  
-GigaPlus <= 3.2.3 (latest)  
-GigaPro <= 1.4.1 (latest)  
-StrataLink < 3.0  
-StrataPro - all versions?  
The remote attacker has full control over the device, including shell   
access. This can lead to packet sniffing and tampering, bricking the   
device, and use in botnets.  
Disclosure Timeline:  
Vendor Notification: October 7, 2016  
Public Disclosure: November 10, 2016  
Exploitation Technique:  
Severity Level: