C2S DVR Management Credential Disclosure / Authentication Bypass

Type packetstorm
Reporter Yakir Wizman
Modified 2016-08-20T00:00:00


                                            `1. Advisory Information  
Title : C2S DVR Management Remote Credentials Disclosure & Authentication Bypass  
Vendor Homepage : http://www.cash2s.com/en/  
Remotely Exploitable : Yes  
Tested on Camera types : IRDOME-II-C2S, IRBOX-II-C2S, DVR  
Vulnerabilities : Credentials Disclosure  
+ : Authentication bypass  
Date : 19/08/2016  
Shodan Dork : html:write.cgi "Content-length: 2676"  
Author : Yakir Wizman (https://www.linkedin.com/in/yakirwizman)  
This vulnerability was identified during penetration test by Yakir Wizman.  
3. Description  
C2S DVR allows to unauthenticated user disclose the username & password remotely by simple request to the server page 'read.cgi?page=2' which can be made by browser or burp/fiddler.  
Moreover, an attacker could easily access to password change page without any authentication, thats happen cuase the web application does not perform any session management.  
4. Proof-of-Concept:  
Remote Credentials Disclosure:  
Simply go to the following url to read the credentials:  
Should return some javascript variable which contain the credentials and other configuration vars:  
var pw_enflag = "1";  
var pw_adminpw = "12345";  
var pw_retype1 = "12345";  
var pw_userpw = "56789";  
var pw_retype2 = "56789";  
var pw_autolock = "0";  
Login @ http://host:port/  
Authentication Bypass:  
The application does not require a valid session for any page on the server, for example you can access to 'password.htm' which allows you to change/disclose the admin password with just a few clicks.  
Contact the vendor for further information regarding the proper mitigation of this vulnerability.