Trend Micro Direct Pass Cross Site Scripting

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Trend Micro Direct Pass - Filter Bypass & Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability  
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Trend Micro Security ID: 1-1-1039900197  
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Product & Service Introduction:  
DirectPass runs as a local console and browser plug-in but can also sync between multiple PC installations through your Trend Micro account.   
Unlike LastPass 1.72 (free, 5 stars), Dashlane (free, 4.5 stars), and RoboForm Everywhere 7 ($19.95 direct, 4.5 stars), it doesn`t let you   
log in to your saved credentials online. However, it will sync with free DirectPass apps for Android and iPhone. You can also test a free   
edition that manages just five passwords.  
DirectPass can export its data for import to another DirectPass installation. It can also import login data from LastPass. Hoping to get a   
fast start, I imported my 200+ LastPass logins. The results were disappointing. For starters, DirectPass doesn`t include the ability to   
categorize sites, so my passwords came through as an unordered list, a very long list. There`s no way to sort the list, and no provision to   
search for a particular login. For some reason, clicking in the list`s scroll bar doesn`t scroll down by one `page` of items. Instead, it   
scrolls to the corresponding location in the list. Finding any particular login required tediously scrolling through the entire list.  
(Copy of the Vendor Homepage: )  
Abstract Advisory Information:  
An independent vulnerability laboratory researcher discovered a filter bypass issue and cross site vulnerability in the official Trend Micro Direct Pass web-application.  
Vulnerability Disclosure Timeline:  
2016-02-08: Researcher Notification & Coordination (Karim Rahal)  
2016-02-09: Vendor Notification (Trend Micro Security Team)  
2016-02-10: Vendor Response/Feedback (Trend Micro Security Team)  
2016-04-27: Vendor Fix/Patch (Trend Micro Developer Team)  
2016-05-01: Public Disclosure (Vulnerability Laboratory)  
Discovery Status:  
Affected Product(s):  
Trend Micro  
Product: DirectPass 2016 Q1  
Exploitation Technique:  
Severity Level:  
Technical Details & Description:  
A filter bypass and cross site scripting vulnerability has been discovered in the official Trend Micro DirectPass online service web-application.  
The vulnerability allows remote attackers to bypass the filter restrictions of the web-application validation procedure mechanism.  
The cross site vulnerability allows an attacker to inject own malicious script codes on the application-side of the vulnerable modules context.  
There is a filter which filters special characters in the website, but it was bypassed through filter-evasion by a live session tamper for http.  
The mechanism does approve the direct input but does not filter the request context itself. Thus allows an attacker to bypass the basic special char filter.  
The cross site issue is inside the `(title) has been deleted` once you delete a password listed, replace (title) with a xss payload would execute   
the cross site scripting payload.   
Proof of Concept (PoC):  
The filter bypass and cross site vulnerability can be exploited by remote attackers with low privileged web-application user account and low user interaction.  
For security demonstration or to reproduce the vulnerability follow the provided information and steps below to continue.  
Manual steps to reproduce the vulnerability ...  
1. Go to  
2. Make sure you have the Trend Micro Password Manager (Direct Pass) extension installed  
3. Go to add a new password  
4. Open a proxy interpreting tool (livehttpheaders / tamper data / burpsuite)  
5. Insert a title and the rest of the information while interpreting/tampering the requests  
6. Then edit the POST request which is sent to localhost:49154 and has the information of the new password  
7. Now edit "DisplayName":"(your title)" to "DisplayName":"'><img src=x onerror=alert(document.cookie)>" (this will alert "XSS")  
8. Then edit "ID":"(id)" and add anything to it like "ID":"anything(id)"  
9. Now replay the request  
10. Go back to  
11. Check your passwords and you will see that you were able to put invalid characters to the title! [Filter Bypass=done]  
12. Now delete the password  
13. The xss will alert with cookie! [XSS=done]  
14. Successful reproduce of the vulnerability!  
PoC: Video  
Security Risk:  
The security risk of the filter bypass issue and cross site scripting web vulnerability in the web-application is estimated as medium. (CVSS 4.3)  
Credits & Authors:  
Karim Rahal [ /] - @KarimMTV []  
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