iBall 150M Wireless-N ADSL2+ Router Authentication Bypass

Type packetstorm
Reporter Gem George
Modified 2015-06-24T00:00:00


                                            `# Exploit Title: iBall 150M Wireless-N ADSL2+ Router Authentication Bypass and Vulnerability  
# Date: 23\04\2015  
# Submitter: Gem George  
# Vendor: iBall  
# Tested product:iBall 150M Wireless-N ADSL2+ Router, firmware version 1.00  
# Tested Product URL: http://www.iball.co.in/Product/150M-Wireless-N-ADSL2---Router/485  
Vulnerability Details:  
The CGI script used in this router does not validate credentials. Hence any page in the router can be directly accessed by replacing page extension with .cgi. Router directly executes for any appropriate HTTP requests. It also disclose credentials (Admin, Support and User logins) in plain test behind page source.  
Some direct accessible pages without authentication  
Searching inside page source will reveal all router login accounts and passwords in plain text  
Some other pages:  
These bypasses authentication and show the corresponding page and any option inside the page can be executed such as reset router, change credentials, backup configuration etc.  
Note: is the router ip.