WordPress Roomcloud 1.1 Cross Site Scripting

Type packetstorm
Reporter Nitin Venkatesh
Modified 2015-05-11T00:00:00


                                            `## Details  
# Title: Unsanitized parameters in Wordpress Roomcloud plugin v1.1(rev  
@1115307) allows Cross-site Scripting  
# Submitter: Nitin Venkatesh <venkatesh [dot] nitin [at] gmail [dot] com>  
# Product: Wordpress Roomcloud plugin  
# Product URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/roomcloud  
# Vulnerability Type: Cross-site Scripting [CWE-79]  
# Affected Versions: Tested on v1.1 (revision @1115307)  
# Fixed Version: v1.1 (revision @1117499)  
# Link to source code diff:  
# CVE Status: None/Unassigned/Fresh  
## Product Information  
A Plugin to add roomcloud booking form to hotel website using [roomcloud]  
Use Roomcloud plugin to embed our Booking Engine form into your wordpress  
This allows your customers to make online reservations on the web site of  
your hotel.  
More info at http://www.roomcloud.net  
## Vulnerability Description  
Unsantized POST parameters are susceptible to XSS in the roomcloud.php file  
viz., (1)pin, (2)start_day, (3)start_month, (4)start_year, (5)end_day,  
(6)end_month, (7)end_year, (8)lang, (9)adults, (10)children  
## Vulnerable Source Code  
39 echo('<iframe width="800" height="600" src="');  
41 echo('  
43 echo('"></iframe>');  
## Proof of Concept  
Sample exploit POST request body:  
## Solution:  
Upgrade to latest version of the plugin.  
## Disclosure Timeline:  
2015-03-19 - Informed developer in support forums for the plugin & mailed  
Wordpress plugins team  
2015-03-21 - Plugin disabled for download by Wordpress team  
2015-03-21 - Contacted developer via email  
2015-03-21 - Vulnerability fixed by developer  
2015-03-22 - Agreed to public disclosure on/after May 5, 2015  
2015-03-23 - Wordpress Plugins team re-enables download page  
2015-05-09 - Publishing disclosure on FD mailing list.  
## Disclaimer:  
This disclosure is purely meant for educational purposes. I will in no way  
be responsible as to how the information in this disclosure is used.