ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer / IT360 File Download

Type packetstorm
Reporter Pedro Ribeiro
Modified 2014-12-01T00:00:00


This is part 9 of the ManageOwnage series. For previous parts see [1].  
Today we have yet another 0 day - an arbitrary file download  
vulnerability that be exploited unauthenticated in NetFlow Analyzer  
and authenticated in IT360.  
I'm releasing this as a 0 day because ManageEngine have been making a  
fool out of me for 105 days. I have asked them "are you releasing a  
fix soon?" at least a couple of times every month to which they always  
responded "yes we will release in the next week/month". And then they  
don't release the fix nor provide an explanation. See the advisory  
timeline below for details.  
An Metasploit auxiliary module that exploits this vulnerability has  
been submitted to the Metasploit Framework Github repo in [2].  
A full copy of the advisory below can be obtained from my repo in [3].  
>> Arbitrary file download in ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer and IT360  
>> Discovered by Pedro Ribeiro (, Agile Information Security  
Disclosure: 30/11/2014 / Last updated: 30/11/2014  
>> Background on the affected product:  
"NetFlow Analyzer, a complete traffic analytics tool, leverages flow  
technologies to provide real time visibility into the network  
bandwidth performance. NetFlow Analyzer, primarily a bandwidth  
monitoring tool, has been optimizing thousands of networks across the  
World by giving holistic view about their network bandwidth and  
traffic patterns. NetFlow Analyzer is a unified solution that  
collects, analyzes and reports about what your network bandwidth is  
being used for and by whom."  
"Managing mission critical business applications is now made easy  
through ManageEngine IT360. With agentless monitoring methodology,  
monitor your applications, servers and databases with ease. Agentless  
monitoring of your business applications enables you high ROI and low  
TOC. With integrated network monitoring and bandwidth utilization,  
quickly troubleshoot any performance related issue with your network  
and assign issues automatically with ITIL based ServiceDesk  
This is being released as a 0-day because ManageEngine have been  
twiddling their thumbs (and making a fool out of me) for 105 days. See  
timeline below for explanation.  
>> Technical details:  
Vulnerability: Arbitrary file download  
Constraints: unauthenticated in NetFlow; authenticated in IT360  
Affected versions: NetFlow v8.6 to v9.9; at least IT360 v10.3 and above  
GET /netflow/servlet/CSVServlet?schFilePath=/etc/passwd  
GET /netflow/servlet/CReportPDFServlet?schFilePath=C:\\boot.ini&pdf=true  
GET /netflow/servlet/DisplayChartPDF?filename=../../../../boot.ini  
All 3 servlets can be exploited in both Windows and Linux. A  
Metasploit module that exploits CVE-2014-5445 has been released.  
>> Fix:  
UNFIXED - ManageEngine failed to take action after 105 days.  
Timeline of disclosure:  
- Requested contact via ManageEngine Security Response Center.  
- Received contact from the NetFlow Analyzer support team. Responded  
with the security advisory above detailing the vulnerabilities.  
- Further back and forth explaining the vulnerabilities, how to  
exploit them and their impact.  
- Requested information regarding the release date for the fix.  
Received response "We do not have a ETA on this, I will check with our  
engineering team and update you."  
- Requested information regarding the release date for the fix.  
Received response "We expect that the new release will be within the  
next couple of weeks".  
- Requested information regarding the release date for the fix.  
Received response "Our new release will be happening early by next  
week, you can get the update in our NetFlow Analyzer website".  
- Asked if they are sure that the fix will be included in the new  
release. Received response "yes you are correct, the issue that you  
have specified is fixed in new release".  
- NetFlow Analyzer version 10.2 released - still vulnerable.  
- Sent an email to ManageEngine asking if they are going to release a  
fix soon. Received response "We will release the PPM file of the  
upgrade soon, in which we have fixed the Vulnerability you mentioned".  
- Requested information regarding the release date for the fix.  
Received response "You can expect the release before this month end".  
- Requested information regarding the release date for the fix.  
Received response "The PPM file is in testing phase and will be  
released in next Month".  
- Asked if they can commit to a date. Received response "the ppm is in  
testing phase now, as it is one of the major release, we will not be  
able to give an exact date of release".  
- Realised that ManageEngine have been playing me for 105 days, and  
immediately released advisory and exploit.