Nokia Asha 501 Lock Bypass

Type packetstorm
Reporter Hammad Shamsi
Modified 2014-09-17T00:00:00


                                            `#Vulnerability: Asha OS Phones Screen Lock Bypass  
#Impact: High  
#Authors: Hammad Shamsi  
#Company: RHAinfoSEC  
#Website: &  
The Asha platform is a mobile operating system (OS) and computing platform designed for low-end borderline smart phones, based on software from Smarter phone which was acquired by Nokia (Microsoft Owned Company). The platform inherits UI similarities from Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo, and replaces Series 40 on Nokia's low-end devices. The first phone based on the platform is Nokia Asha 501.  
On Nokia Asha 501 (or other Asha OS Based Touch Phones) there's a emergency call option on lock screen (by adding lock users feel safe) this is a good feature but this feature is bypassing the lock screen on new updated Asha Touch Phones (Version 14.0.4).  
*Lock Bypass*  
Locking your phone is a safer way to protect your things including contacts (contacts are more important), so here Nokia Asha 501 (other Asha OS based touch phones) lock screen is vulnerable, by doing exactly as my POC will lead to Phone book access also on locked screen not only phone book access but you can also call to any number, share contacts (by blue-tooth functionality), delete contacts.... But if there's no number in recent call list you are safe.  
*Proof Of Concept *  
Pick updated (14.0.4) screen locked Asha 501 (Or other Asha OS Touch Phone eg: Asha 503) Phone  
Tap on SOS Option (Emergency Panic Button) which opens new screen where you can call to emergency number   
Here you see Green Call Option (call receiving icon) tap on this except tapping on any number  
It will open your recent call list from recent call list you (attacker) can able to read/delete contacts, call to any number etc from locked Asha OS Phone  
On 19th June 2014 I receive a response from Microsoft Official, where he allowed me to post my write up any where after "Week 28 (second week of July Starting 7.7.2014)" but this flaw is still un-patched (last time I checked 15 days ago)..  
As a Reward they sent me a Nokia Lumia Phone 1520 (Nokia Phablet)