VTLS-Virtua SQL Injection

Type packetstorm
Reporter Jose Tozo
Modified 2014-08-25T00:00:00


                                            `=====[Alligator Security Team - Security  
- VTLS Virtua InfoStation.cgi SQLi - CVE-2014-2081 -  
Author: José Tozo < juniorbsd () gmail com >  
=====[Table of  
1. Background  
2. Detailed description  
3. Other contexts & solutions  
4. Timeline  
5. References  
* Versions affected: VTLS Virtua InfoStation.cgi - All Versions under 2014.X  
- or 2013.2.X Are Affected  
* Release date: 22/08/2014  
* Impact: Allows unauthorized disclosure of information; Allows  
unauthorized modification; Allows disruption of service  
VTLS-Virtua is a full-function library management system, providing  
management of circulation, cataloging, serials, acquisitions, course  
reserves and more. All functions are fully integrated, allowing any staff  
user to access any function at any time according to their library-assigned  
permissions [1].  
=====[2. Detailed  
Due to improper sanitization, InfoStation.cgi is prone to a SQL Injection  
vulnerability in its "username" and "password" fields, which could lead an  
attacker to take over the server database.  
The vulnerability described in this document can be exploited by  
manipulating the aforementioned parameters as decribed in the following  
Currently, the username/password fields on the Infostation login page are  
vulnerable to attack through modification of the URL via sql injection.  
This is where instead of entering staff/staff or root/root, an actual SQL  
statement is sent in its place 'select * from' or 'delete * from' to  
modify/query/remove data directly from the database.  
We need to verify that the username/password is valid before sending them  
to the database to verify status and permissions. This can be achieved  
using prepared statements [2].  
=====[3. Other contexts &  
In 2014.1.1 and 2013.2.4, the InfoStation Log In screen has been improved  
so that it is not vulnerable to attack via SQL statement injection.  
To have the fix applied, your library would need to update your software to  
the most recent 2014.x or 2013.2.x version.  
23/02/14 Vendor & Mitre notification.  
24/02/14 Mitre assigned CVE-2014-2081.  
28/03/14 Vendor notified again.  
28/03/14 Vendor answered the bug was fixed.  
05/08/14 Asked vendor from which version has the fix.  
05/08/14 Vendor answered the Release Notes and [2].  
18/08/14 Asked vendor to report this to the affected customers.  
22/08/14 Disclosure date.  
1 - http://www.vtls.com/products/vtls-virtua  
2 - As Vendor answered