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                                            `Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 01:50:53 GMT  
From: anonymous <>  
Subject: Yahoo Pager Flaw In Chat Control  
= Yahoo Pager Chat Flaw In Chat Control  
Yahoo's Pager is very sloppy..   
Yahoo's Pager doesn't have message control.. therefore  
it does not have chat request control.. so this means  
you can send as many chat request as you want to a yahoo  
pager user and kill their connection to the pager  
server or causes yahoo pager to become unstable for the end user.  
right click on the user  
then select Open a private Chat Room..  
a window will pop up called Start a Chat Room.  
Look below the Chat Invitation List Box  
Next to the Add Button.. Type out the user name  
and hit add.. or hold enter down until you get enough.  
then hit Invite.  
I sent email to the yahoo bug report team but no reply.. so here ya go   
---Bug found by p3rr0r..