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                                            `Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 15:20:56 -0500  
From: James Egelhof <jegelhof@CLOUD9.NET>  
To: BUGTRAQ@netspace.org  
Subject: Re: WebRamp M3 remote network access bug  
On Thu, 21 Jan 1999, John Stanley wrote:  
> If you are using this box, and you see this bug, and you have NOT changed  
> the admin password from the default, DO SO IMMEDIATELY.  
You obviously can't do anything interesting with the CLI unless you have  
the password. However, the WebRamp (at least Entre, the ISDN version,  
which is what I use) includes a default username of "wradmin" and password  
of "trancell." This gives you full access to the device, either through  
the CLI or the Windows management software (which seems to use the CLI).  
You can use the CLI to set up a "Remote Office" connection profile. If  
you do this, you can make the WebRamp call up a remote site and attach it  
to your network. Or, you could change the ISP phone number to something  
else, and thereby get the WebRamp to divulge your password. Other uses  
for this access are pretty obvious.  
The real security issue is the presence of the default password, the  
documentation's lack of insistence on changing it, and the  
difficulty/impossibility of restricting access to the CLI.  
Our experiences with Ramp Network's tech support, on other issues, have  
been less than ideal.  
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