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                                            `Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 21:27:02 -0500  
From: SecureXpert DIRECT Sender <sxdirect@SECUREXPERT.COM>  
Subject: SecureXpert Labs Advisory [SX-98.12.30-01]  
SecureXpert Labs Advisory [SX-98.12.30-01]  
This advisory updates advisory [SX-98.12.23-01]  
DoS vulnerability in Novell Intranetware Client  
Reported by: SecureXpert Labs  
WARNING: this information is based on early analysis. The subject matter  
is still the subject of active research by SecureXpert Labs and others.  
The previously reported Denial of Service vulnerability in Microsoft  
Windows 98 has proven upon further investigation NOT to be a vulnerability  
in the Microsoft Windows 98 product. Microsoft Windows 98, in a default  
installation without third-party software, is not vulnerable to the attack  
reported in [SX-98.12.30-01].  
However, a vulnerability exists in the Novell Intranetware Client version (as distributed with Novell Netware 5) which affects all Windows  
95 and Windows 98 systems on which the Novell Intranetware Client version is installed.  
Windows 95 and Windows 98 systems with the Novell Intranetware Client  
installed experience a critical error (Blue Screen) when scanned with the  
popular port-scanner tool "nmap" ( in  
"half-open" scanning mode (-sS).  
Specifically, the vulnerable service in the Intranetware client is the SLP  
Request service on TCP port 427. The command "nmap -sS -p427",  
which scans only port 427 on the target system with a TCP half-open  
sequence, causes an immediate Blue Screen condition. This condition is  
recoverable; however subsequently the affected system loses all TCP  
network connectivity. Similarly, any "nmap -sS" scan which includes port  
427 in the range of scanned ports causes the same fault (on most systems  
this includes the default scan with no ports specified).  
The nmap tool includes features which permit it to scan large regions of  
Internet address space. Any Windows 95 or Windows 98 systems with the  
Novell Intranetware Client installed found within any scanned region will  
be affected.  
Novell Inc. and Microsoft Corp. have received advance notice of this  
SecureXpert Labs wishes to thank Bruce Allison of Obsidian Networks for  
his valuable assistance in the reproduction of this vulnerability.