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                                            `Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 09:39:08 +0100  
From: Tomas Halgas <maniac@JADIERKO.LOCALHOST.SK>  
To: BUGTRAQ@netspace.org  
Subject: nmap can crash microsoft telnetd  
Nmap 2.01++ can crash microsoft winnt telnetd. Only need to have option  
-sS enabled when scanning...  
You will get a aplication popup with message like this - program made an  
illegal operation.  
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 14:13:47 +0200  
From: Stefan Laudat <stefan@ns.art.ro>  
To: Ken Williams <jkwilli2@unity.ncsu.edu>  
Subject: Re: [Fwd: [SecureXpert Labs Advisory SX-98.12.23-01] Widespread DoSvulnerability]  
> not true. winnt telnetd goes down like a $5 whore with a simple  
> nmap-2.02 'nmap -sS billyg.microsoft.com' tcp SYN stealth port scan.  
That little fuss about win98 has been proven to be a Novell  
Intranetware Client stupidity, so it's 20.42% true. :)  
Stefan Laudat  
System Engineer - Dragon Art  
"Power comes from the barrel of the gun"   
-- Mao Tze Dong