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Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 14:24:55 -0800 (PST)  
From: Gregory Taylor <jest@ados.com>  
To: info@rootshell.com  
Subject: Re: New Exploit - DCCsnoop.txt  
Discovered by Gregory Taylor  
Febuary 5th, 1999  
It is possible to snoop a user's Linux connection through IRC..  
DCC Sending the device files /dev/ttyp1 - ? while someone is logged in on  
that ttyp to an outside client will send all information sent from that user  
to the target client, making it possible to snoop his connection, password  
and login  
The drawback is the user will not see his own information typed in and may  
disconnect, but for those with auto-login scripts, it is possible to recieve  
login/passwords, and even /dev/tty1 - etc. can be snooped for those logging  
in as root.. I would like some feedback on anyone who may have any ideas or  
comments about this.  
Gregory Taylor  
UNIX Systems Engineer  
American Digital Online Services  
- (877) ADOS.COM -- http://www.ados.com -- jest@ados.com ------------------