Moxiecode File Manager 3.1.5 Shell Upload

Type packetstorm
Reporter MustLive
Modified 2013-05-17T00:00:00


                                            `Hello list!  
I want to warn you about vulnerabilities in Moxiecode File Manager   
(MCFileManager). This is commercial plugin for TinyMCE. It concerns as   
MCFileManager, as all web applications which have MCFileManager in their   
These are Arbitrary File Uploading vulnerabilities, which lead to Code   
Execution on IIS and Apache web servers.  
Affected products:  
Vulnerable are Moxiecode File Manager 3.1.5 and previous versions.  
Affected vendors:  
Arbitrary File Uploading (WASC-31):  
Execution of arbitrary code is possible due to bypass of program's security   
filters (on IIS and Apache web servers).  
Code will execute via file uploading. Program is vulnerable to three methods   
of code execution:  
1. Via using of symbol ";" (1.asp;.txt) in file name (IIS).  
2. Via "1.asp" in folder name (IIS).  
3. Via double extension (1.php.txt) (Apache with special configuration).  
2013.03.31 - briefly informed developer (together with other issues related   
to TinyMCE).  
2013.04.01 - informed developer in detail.  
2013.04.02 - announced at my site.  
2013.04.04 - the developer planned to fix these holes in new version in   
nearest days.  
2013.05.17 - disclosed at my site (  
Best wishes & regards,  
Administrator of Websecurity web site