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                                            `Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 12:19:59 -0800  
From: JEK <jkolde@EARTHLINK.NET>  
Subject: Cheyenne InocuLAN for Exchange plain text password still there  
This dates back to Ron Watkins' post on 12/16/98 regarding the plain text  
account name/password left in the exchverify.log file by the installation of  
Cheyenne's Anti-Virus Agent for Exchange.  
Quote from Ron:  
"I was called on Monday by Brian Linton at Computer Associates. He says  
that the plaintext admin password was put into c:\exchverify.log by earlier  
versions of the Arcserve Exchange client, but that build 57 (the most recent  
version) puts only the length there. It does not erase that file as new  
installs are done, but rather appends, which is why some folks still had  
that plaintext password even after installing the most recent build."  
I am currently testing AV Agent for Exchange and installed what I was told  
was the most recent version (build 64) on a clean NT 4.0/SP4/Exchange 5.5  
server running InocuLAN for NT 4.0 (build 375). This was a fresh build and  
*not* upgraded from earlier versions of any software. The exchverify.log  
file is still there and still contains the account name and password in  
clear text - NOT merely the length as stated above.