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                                            `Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 13:13:34 +0100  
>From: T Bruce Tober <>  
Subject: You'd think they'd know better...  
...or maybe not. I mean, it is Microcrap we're talking about here, viz this  
article from Woody's (Woody's Office Watch), and if there's anyone more  
pro-Microsoft it's only Bill G himself,:  
(Read the complete story )  
TRUST NO ONE [...]  
Microsoft has in the past released virus infected documents on their web  
site and by other means. WOW has had to publish warnings several times.  
Sadly it's happened again. Anyone visiting  
to find out more about MS Exchange and E-commerce got more than they  
bargained for when they downloaded any of the case study documents. All  
were infected with W97M/Marker.C virus! Apparently no-one at Microsoft  
checked the documents before making them publicly available [...]  
Bruce Tober, <>, <>  
Birmingham, UK, EU +44-121-242-3832 soon at <>  
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