Calendar Scripts A.M.Y 1.4 Cross Site Scripting

Type packetstorm
Reporter Viknesvaran Sittaramane
Modified 2013-01-15T00:00:00


                                            `Advisory:Calendar Scripts A.M.Y. Ad Management Software 1.4 Persistent XSS Vulnerability  
Vendor URL:  
Demo Link:  
Author: Viknesvaran Sittaramane  
Category: Webapp   
Product Description  
A.M.Y. Ad Management Yoga is affordable, light, easy to use and stable ad management software that can increase your ad sales!  
Instead of splitting your profits with third party networks you can keep them all for yourself.  
Using ad management software saves your time, shows you which ads are working best and keeps your advertisers happy.  
A.M.Y. is a PHP/MySQL solution that you can easily host yourself.  
Vulnerability Description  
A.M.Y. Ad Management Software suffers from Persistent Cross site Vulnerability  
Steps : Login to A.M.Y. Ad Management Software (Administrator)  
a. Ads Tab--> Click here to create a new ad  
Enter the malicious script on "Ad label" and "Target Url"  
b. Zones Tab-->Click here to create a new zone  
Enter the malicious script on "Zone name" and "Description"   
c. Pricing Plans-->Click here to create a new pricing plan  
Enter the malicious script on "Pricing Plan Name" and "Description for the advertisers"  
d. Advertiser Accounts  
Enter the malicious script on "Name"  
Parameter used : '"--><script>alert(0x000872)</script>  
Disclosure Timeline  
14th January 2013 -> Vendor Notified