Type packetstorm
Reporter THR
Modified 1999-08-17T00:00:00


                                            `Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 16:18:02 GMT  
From: THR - <thr_@HOTMAIL.COM>  
Subject: Exploit in Internet Explorer 5.0  
Hi everyone!  
I have found a bug which will freeze Internet Explorer 5.0  
I know that there are *many* bugs that will crasch browsers  
but what makes this one special is the following:  
In IE 5.0 Microsoft has fixed the bugs from IE 4.0 that  
was based on infinit loops in JavaScript. If a JavaScript  
contains a loop which will cause IE 5.0 to run slowly  
or be unresponsive, the user will be warned and he/she will  
be prompted whether the JavaScript should be aborted or  
not. This exploit is a JavaScript which changes the bgColor in  
an infinit loop and when you open it you wont get a warning.  
The browser will just freeze!  
Get the source code here:  
24/5 1999  
This is a new exploit which affects Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0.  
When you enter the html document below, IE will freeze and you have to   
close it with ctrl + alt + del.  
-----------Cut here------color.htm--------Start---------  
var color = new Array;  
color[1] = "black";  
color[2] = "white";  
for(x = 0; x <3; x++)  
document.bgColor = color[x]  
if(x == 2)  
x = 0;  
-----------Cut here------color.htm--------End---------