Type packetstorm
Reporter Aviram Jenik
Modified 1999-11-04T00:00:00


In the spirit of w00giving, we did a little research on attacks that can be  
performed on the Palm Pilot (we're also searching for tools that can turn  
the Palm into an attacking tool, but that's another thing).  
A hotsync DoS attack is not as sexy as breaking to networks via printers,  
but it still deserves some attention ;-)  
The Palm Hotsync manager is vulnerable to a buffer overflow attack that can  
crash the hotsync application and possibly be used to execute arbitrary code  
on the machine running the hotsync.  
Vulnerable systems:  
HotSync Manager 3.0.4 under Windows 98  
Non Vulnerable systems:  
HotSync Manager under Windows 2000  
When the Hotsync manager is set to 'network' mode, it listens on port 14238.  
By sending a large amount of data to that port followed by a newline, it's  
possible to crash the HotSync application.  
3Com has been notified of this, and promised that the next release of the  
Hotsync manager will be fixed.  
Our full advisory can be found at:  
(NOTE: URL wrapped)  
Aviram Jenik