Simple Forum PHP 2.1 SQL Injection

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Simple Forum PHP 2.1 - SQL Injection Vulnerabilities  
Common Vulnerability Scoring System:  
Simple Forum PHP is a script that is very easy to install and administer.  
Visitors to your forum will be able to post new topics as well as discuss and reply to other topics.  
The administration section of the script was made for user simplicity. By utilizing menu items,   
categories and features—anyone with little to no knowledge of websites or programming can easily get   
their forum to function and look just like they want.  
Simple Forum PHP features:  
password protected admin area with multiple options and features that you can control  
multiple language support  
visual(css) style control in admin area  
control the number of topics per page  
option to approve topics/replies before having them posted  
visitors are able to upload Icon(Avatar image) per each topics or reply  
choose order (assending or descending) of replies  
counter for the number of replies for each topic  
views counter for each topic  
option to receive email notices of new topics or replies that are posted  
ability to send email approval notice to the forum user when posting a topic or reply  
allowable HTML tags options for images, links, embeded vodeos etc...  
option to choose the type of anti-spam code - reCaptcha, math captcha and simple captcha  
breaking long(spam) words  
ability to create a list of banned words which will prevent unwanted words from being posted  
html and javascript injection prevent  
RSS Feed with links to topics  
simple and readable php source code  
easy to place on your webpage - copy and paste a single line of code  
we provide free email support for script installation and setup  
Simple Forum PHP minimum requirements are: PHP and MySQL running on your web server. Current stable   
version of Simple Forum PHP is 2.1 (May 19, 2012)  
(Copy of the Vendor Homepage: )  
The Vulnerability Laboratory Research Team discovered multiple SQL Injection vulnerabilites in Simple Forum PHP v2.1 CMS.  
2012-06-10: Public or Non-Public Disclosure  
Multiple SQL Injection vulnerabilities are detected in Simple Forum PHP v2.1 Content Management System.  
The vulnerability allows an attacker (remote) or local low privileged user account to inject/execute own sql commands   
on the affected application dbms without user inter action. Successful exploitation of the vulnerability results in   
dbms & application compromise. The vulnerabilities are located in the forum.php and admin.php files and bound parameters   
orderType, orderBy, & p. The vulnerability in forum.php can be exploited by remote attackers without required user   
inter action or privileged user account. A privileged user account is required to the exploit the sql bug in the admin.php.  
Vulnerable File(s):  
[+] forum.php  
[+] admin.php  
Vulnerable Parameter(s):  
[+] orderType  
[+] orderBy  
[+] p  
Proof of Concept:  
The sql injection vulnerabilities can be exploited by remote attacker with and without privileged user account.   
For demonstration or reproduce ... [SQL-INJECTION]-- [SQL-INJECTION]--[ASC/DESC]&orderBy=-1 [SQL-INJECTION]-- [SQL-INJECTION]--[ASC/DESC]&search=&orderBy=-1 [SQL-INJECTION]-- [SQL-INJECTION]--[ASC/DESC]&search=&orderBy=-1 [SQL-INJECTION]--  
The security risk of the sql injection vulnerabilities are estimated as critical.  
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