Joomla Rule Local File Inclusion

Type packetstorm
Reporter the_cyber_nuxbie
Modified 2012-01-24T00:00:00


                                            `[ Joomla Component com_rule LFI Vulnerability ]  
[x] Author : the_cyber_nuxbie  
[x] Home :  
[x] E-mail :  
[x] Found : 24 January 2012.  
[x] Tested : Windows 7 Ultimate.  
[x] Dork : inurl:"/index.php?option=com_rule"  
[x] Vuln Exploit Report:  
- Example Website Vuln:  
[x] N0T35:  
0day no more...  
"n0 d0rk f0r k1dd10ts"  
- Thanks To All Exploiters From Indonesian:  
Akatsuchi, AntiSecurity, Arianom, bius, blackraptor, bumble_be, c4uR, cr4wl3r, cyberlog, Don Tukulesto,  
EA Ngel, eidelweiss, Flyff666, Gendenk, gunslinger_, h4ntu, h010ng, IbnuSina, irvian, Jack, k1ngk0n9, k1tk4t, k4mtiez,  
K-159, kecemplungkalen, M3NW5, Mbah_Semar, mywisdom, NoGe, NTOS-Team, Oli Bekas, OoN_Boy, Pokeng, S3T4N, s4va,  
skulmatic, spykit, Sudden_death, team_elite, tempe_mendoan, the_day, tomplixsee, vanzay, v3n0m, vir0e5, Vrs-hCk, vYc0d,  
Xr0b0t, y3d1ps, Z190T, etc...   
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January, 24 2012, GMT +07:36 Solo Raya, Indonesia.