Oracle Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1.1 Cross Site Scripting

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Modified 2011-07-20T00:00:00


                                            `Sense of Security - Security Advisory - SOS-11-009  
Release Date. 19-Jul-2011  
Last Update. -  
Vendor Notification Date. 23-Mar-2011  
Product. Oracle Sun GlassFish Enterprise  
Platform. Java EE  
Affected versions. 2.1.1 ((v2.1 Patch06)(9.1_02 Patch12))  
(build b31g-fcs) verified and possibly  
Severity Rating. Medium  
Impact. Cookie/credential theft, impersonation,  
loss of confidentiality, client-side  
code execution  
Attack Vector. Remote without authentication  
Solution Status. Vendor patch  
CVE reference. CVE-2011-2260  
Oracle Bug ID. 7030596  
GlassFish is an open source application server project led by Sun  
Microsystems for the Java EE platform. The proprietary version is  
called Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server. GlassFish supports all Java EE  
API specifications, such as JDBC, RMI, e-mail, JMS, web services, XML,  
etc, and defines how to coordinate them.  
The log viewer fails to securely output encode logged values. As a  
result, an unauthenticated attacker can trigger the application to log  
a malicious string by entering the values into the username field. This  
will cause the application to log the incorrect login attempt and  
results in a stored XSS vulnerability. When an administrator logs into  
the application and views the log, the malicious code will be executed  
in the client browser. As an example, navigate to:  
Enter the below into the login field:  
When the user views the \"Search Log Files\" page, the above client-side  
code will be executed in the client browser. The offending script is  
By modifying the windowTitle or helpFile variables of  
/com_sun_webui_jsf/help/helpwindow.jsf it is possible to trigger a  
reflected XSS vulnerability. An example is shown below:  
Apply the vendor patch.  
Discovered by.  
Sense of Security Labs.  
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