DreamBox DM800 Arbitrary File Download

Type packetstorm
Reporter ShellVision
Modified 2011-06-21T00:00:00


                                            `DreamBox DM800 Arbitrary File Download Vulnerability  
Vendor: Dream Multimedia GmbH  
Product web page: http://www.dream-multimedia-tv.de  
Affected version: DM800 (may affect others version)  
Summary: The Dreambox is a series of Linux-powered  
DVB satellite, terrestrial and cable digital television  
receivers (set-top box).  
Desc: Dreambox suffers from a file download vulnerability  
thru directory traversal with appending the '/' character  
in the HTTP GET method of the affected host address. The  
attacker can get to sensitive information like paid channel  
keys, usernames, passwords, config and plug-ins info, etc.  
By default, web application is running by root, so catch shadow is  
very easy  
Tested on:  
Devicename: dm800  
Enigma Version: 2009-12-24-master  
Image Version: Release 4.6.0 2009-12-24  
Frontprozessor Version: VNone  
Webinterface Version: 1.6rc3  
Vulnerability discovered by: ShellVision Designer@ShellVision.com<script type="text/javascript">  
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ShellVision - www.shellvision.com  
20 Jun 2011