vt_ioctl: fix array_index_nospec in vt_setactivate


vt_ioctl: fix array_index_nospec in vt_setactivate This is an automated ID intended to aid in discovery of potential security vulnerabilities. The actual impact and attack plausibility have not yet been proven. This ID is fixed in Linux Kernel version v5.15.24 by commit ffe54289b02e9c732d6f04c8ebbe3b2d90d32118. For more details please see the references link.

Affected Software

CPE Name Name Version
kernel 2.6.12
kernel 2.6.12-rc2
kernel 2.6.12-rc3
kernel 2.6.12-rc4
kernel 2.6.12-rc5
kernel 2.6.12-rc6
kernel 2.6.13
kernel 2.6.13-rc1
kernel 2.6.13-rc2
kernel 2.6.13-rc3
kernel 2.6.13-rc4
kernel 2.6.13-rc5
kernel 2.6.13-rc6
kernel 2.6.13-rc7
kernel 2.6.14
kernel 2.6.14-rc1
kernel 2.6.14-rc2
kernel 2.6.14-rc3
kernel 2.6.14-rc4
kernel 2.6.14-rc5
kernel 2.6.15
kernel 2.6.15-rc1
kernel 2.6.15-rc2
kernel 2.6.15-rc3
kernel 2.6.15-rc4
kernel 2.6.15-rc5
kernel 2.6.15-rc6
kernel 2.6.15-rc7
kernel 2.6.16
kernel 2.6.16-rc1
kernel 2.6.16-rc2
kernel 2.6.16-rc3
kernel 2.6.16-rc4
kernel 2.6.16-rc5
kernel 2.6.16-rc6
kernel 2.6.17
kernel 2.6.17-rc1
kernel 2.6.17-rc2
kernel 2.6.17-rc3
kernel 2.6.17-rc4
kernel 2.6.17-rc5
kernel 2.6.17-rc6
kernel 2.6.18
kernel 2.6.18-rc1
kernel 2.6.18-rc2
kernel 2.6.18-rc3
kernel 2.6.18-rc4
kernel 2.6.18-rc5
kernel 2.6.18-rc6
kernel 2.6.18-rc7
kernel 2.6.19
kernel 2.6.19-rc1
kernel 2.6.19-rc2
kernel 2.6.19-rc3
kernel 2.6.19-rc4
kernel 2.6.19-rc5
kernel 2.6.19-rc6
kernel 2.6.20
kernel 2.6.20-rc1
kernel 2.6.20-rc2
kernel 2.6.20-rc3
kernel 2.6.20-rc4
kernel 2.6.20-rc5
kernel 2.6.20-rc6
kernel 2.6.20-rc7
kernel 2.6.21
kernel 2.6.21-rc1
kernel 2.6.21-rc2
kernel 2.6.21-rc3
kernel 2.6.21-rc4
kernel 2.6.21-rc5
kernel 2.6.21-rc6
kernel 2.6.21-rc7
kernel 2.6.22
kernel 2.6.22-rc1
kernel 2.6.22-rc2
kernel 2.6.22-rc3
kernel 2.6.22-rc4
kernel 2.6.22-rc5
kernel 2.6.22-rc6
kernel 2.6.22-rc7
kernel 2.6.23
kernel 2.6.23-rc1
kernel 2.6.23-rc2
kernel 2.6.23-rc3
kernel 2.6.23-rc4
kernel 2.6.23-rc5
kernel 2.6.23-rc6
kernel 2.6.23-rc7
kernel 2.6.23-rc8
kernel 2.6.23-rc9
kernel 2.6.24
kernel 2.6.24-rc1
kernel 2.6.24-rc2
kernel 2.6.24-rc3
kernel 2.6.24-rc4
kernel 2.6.24-rc5
kernel 2.6.24-rc6
kernel 2.6.24-rc7
kernel 2.6.24-rc8
kernel 2.6.25
kernel 2.6.25-rc1
kernel 2.6.25-rc2
kernel 2.6.25-rc3
kernel 2.6.25-rc4
kernel 2.6.25-rc5
kernel 2.6.25-rc6
kernel 2.6.25-rc7
kernel 2.6.25-rc8
kernel 2.6.25-rc9
kernel 2.6.26
kernel 2.6.26-rc1
kernel 2.6.26-rc2
kernel 2.6.26-rc3
kernel 2.6.26-rc4
kernel 2.6.26-rc5
kernel 2.6.26-rc6
kernel 2.6.26-rc7
kernel 2.6.26-rc8
kernel 2.6.26-rc9
kernel 2.6.27
kernel 2.6.27-rc1
kernel 2.6.27-rc2
kernel 2.6.27-rc3
kernel 2.6.27-rc4
kernel 2.6.27-rc5
kernel 2.6.27-rc6
kernel 2.6.27-rc7
kernel 2.6.27-rc8
kernel 2.6.27-rc9
kernel 2.6.28
kernel 2.6.28-rc1
kernel 2.6.28-rc2
kernel 2.6.28-rc3
kernel 2.6.28-rc4
kernel 2.6.28-rc5
kernel 2.6.28-rc6
kernel 2.6.28-rc7
kernel 2.6.28-rc8
kernel 2.6.28-rc9
kernel 2.6.29
kernel 2.6.29-rc1
kernel 2.6.29-rc2
kernel 2.6.29-rc3
kernel 2.6.29-rc4
kernel 2.6.29-rc5
kernel 2.6.29-rc6
kernel 2.6.29-rc7
kernel 2.6.29-rc8
kernel 2.6.30
kernel 2.6.30-rc1
kernel 2.6.30-rc2
kernel 2.6.30-rc3
kernel 2.6.30-rc4
kernel 2.6.30-rc5
kernel 2.6.30-rc6
kernel 2.6.30-rc7
kernel 2.6.30-rc8
kernel 2.6.31
kernel 2.6.31-rc1
kernel 2.6.31-rc2
kernel 2.6.31-rc3
kernel 2.6.31-rc4
kernel 2.6.31-rc5
kernel 2.6.31-rc6
kernel 2.6.31-rc7
kernel 2.6.31-rc8
kernel 2.6.31-rc9
kernel 2.6.32
kernel 2.6.32-rc1
kernel 2.6.32-rc2
kernel 2.6.32-rc3
kernel 2.6.32-rc4
kernel 2.6.32-rc5
kernel 2.6.32-rc6
kernel 2.6.32-rc7
kernel 2.6.32-rc8
kernel 2.6.33
kernel 2.6.33-rc1
kernel 2.6.33-rc2
kernel 2.6.33-rc3
kernel 2.6.33-rc4
kernel 2.6.33-rc5
kernel 2.6.33-rc6
kernel 2.6.33-rc7
kernel 2.6.33-rc8
kernel 2.6.34
kernel 2.6.34-rc1
kernel 2.6.34-rc2
kernel 2.6.34-rc3
kernel 2.6.34-rc4
kernel 2.6.34-rc5
kernel 2.6.34-rc6
kernel 2.6.34-rc7
kernel 2.6.35
kernel 2.6.35-rc1
kernel 2.6.35-rc2
kernel 2.6.35-rc3
kernel 2.6.35-rc4
kernel 2.6.35-rc5
kernel 2.6.35-rc6
kernel 2.6.36
kernel 2.6.36-rc1
kernel 2.6.36-rc2
kernel 2.6.36-rc3
kernel 2.6.36-rc4
kernel 2.6.36-rc5
kernel 2.6.36-rc6
kernel 2.6.36-rc7
kernel 2.6.36-rc8
kernel 2.6.37
kernel 2.6.37-rc1
kernel 2.6.37-rc2
kernel 2.6.37-rc3
kernel 2.6.37-rc4
kernel 2.6.37-rc5
kernel 2.6.37-rc6
kernel 2.6.37-rc7
kernel 2.6.37-rc8
kernel 2.6.38
kernel 2.6.38-rc1
kernel 2.6.38-rc2
kernel 2.6.38-rc3
kernel 2.6.38-rc4
kernel 2.6.38-rc5
kernel 2.6.38-rc6
kernel 2.6.38-rc7
kernel 2.6.38-rc8
kernel 2.6.39
kernel 2.6.39-rc1
kernel 2.6.39-rc2
kernel 2.6.39-rc3
kernel 2.6.39-rc4
kernel 2.6.39-rc5
kernel 2.6.39-rc6
kernel 2.6.39-rc7
kernel 3.0
kernel 3.0-rc1
kernel 3.0-rc2
kernel 3.0-rc3
kernel 3.0-rc4
kernel 3.0-rc5
kernel 3.0-rc6
kernel 3.0-rc7
kernel 3.1
kernel 3.1-rc1
kernel 3.1-rc10
kernel 3.1-rc2
kernel 3.1-rc3
kernel 3.1-rc4
kernel 3.1-rc5
kernel 3.1-rc6
kernel 3.1-rc7
kernel 3.1-rc8
kernel 3.1-rc9
kernel 3.10
kernel 3.10-rc1
kernel 3.10-rc2
kernel 3.10-rc3
kernel 3.10-rc4
kernel 3.10-rc5
kernel 3.10-rc6
kernel 3.10-rc7
kernel 3.11
kernel 3.11-rc1
kernel 3.11-rc2
kernel 3.11-rc3
kernel 3.11-rc4
kernel 3.11-rc5
kernel 3.11-rc6
kernel 3.11-rc7
kernel 3.12
kernel 3.12-rc1
kernel 3.12-rc2
kernel 3.12-rc3
kernel 3.12-rc4
kernel 3.12-rc5
kernel 3.12-rc6
kernel 3.12-rc7
kernel 3.13
kernel 3.13-rc1
kernel 3.13-rc2
kernel 3.13-rc3
kernel 3.13-rc4
kernel 3.13-rc5
kernel 3.13-rc6
kernel 3.13-rc7
kernel 3.13-rc8
kernel 3.14
kernel 3.14-rc1
kernel 3.14-rc2
kernel 3.14-rc3
kernel 3.14-rc4
kernel 3.14-rc5
kernel 3.14-rc6
kernel 3.14-rc7
kernel 3.14-rc8
kernel 3.15
kernel 3.15-rc1
kernel 3.15-rc2
kernel 3.15-rc3
kernel 3.15-rc4
kernel 3.15-rc5
kernel 3.15-rc6
kernel 3.15-rc7
kernel 3.15-rc8
kernel 3.16
kernel 3.16-rc1
kernel 3.16-rc2
kernel 3.16-rc3
kernel 3.16-rc4
kernel 3.16-rc5
kernel 3.16-rc6
kernel 3.16-rc7
kernel 3.17
kernel 3.17-rc1
kernel 3.17-rc2
kernel 3.17-rc3
kernel 3.17-rc4
kernel 3.17-rc5
kernel 3.17-rc6
kernel 3.17-rc7
kernel 3.18
kernel 3.18-rc1
kernel 3.18-rc2
kernel 3.18-rc3
kernel 3.18-rc4
kernel 3.18-rc5
kernel 3.18-rc6
kernel 3.18-rc7
kernel 3.19
kernel 3.19-rc1
kernel 3.19-rc2
kernel 3.19-rc3
kernel 3.19-rc4
kernel 3.19-rc5
kernel 3.19-rc6
kernel 3.19-rc7
kernel 3.2
kernel 3.2-rc1
kernel 3.2-rc2
kernel 3.2-rc3
kernel 3.2-rc4
kernel 3.2-rc5
kernel 3.2-rc6
kernel 3.2-rc7
kernel 3.3
kernel 3.3-rc1
kernel 3.3-rc2
kernel 3.3-rc3
kernel 3.3-rc4
kernel 3.3-rc5
kernel 3.3-rc6
kernel 3.3-rc7
kernel 3.4
kernel 3.4-rc1
kernel 3.4-rc2
kernel 3.4-rc3
kernel 3.4-rc4
kernel 3.4-rc5
kernel 3.4-rc6
kernel 3.4-rc7
kernel 3.5
kernel 3.5-rc1
kernel 3.5-rc2
kernel 3.5-rc3
kernel 3.5-rc4
kernel 3.5-rc5
kernel 3.5-rc6
kernel 3.5-rc7
kernel 3.6
kernel 3.6-rc1
kernel 3.6-rc2
kernel 3.6-rc3
kernel 3.6-rc4
kernel 3.6-rc5
kernel 3.6-rc6
kernel 3.6-rc7
kernel 3.7
kernel 3.7-rc1
kernel 3.7-rc2
kernel 3.7-rc3
kernel 3.7-rc4
kernel 3.7-rc5
kernel 3.7-rc6
kernel 3.7-rc7
kernel 3.7-rc8
kernel 3.8
kernel 3.8-rc1
kernel 3.8-rc2
kernel 3.8-rc3
kernel 3.8-rc4
kernel 3.8-rc5
kernel 3.8-rc6
kernel 3.8-rc7
kernel 3.9
kernel 3.9-rc1
kernel 3.9-rc2
kernel 3.9-rc3
kernel 3.9-rc4
kernel 3.9-rc5
kernel 3.9-rc6
kernel 3.9-rc7
kernel 3.9-rc8
kernel 4.0
kernel 4.0-rc1
kernel 4.0-rc2
kernel 4.0-rc3
kernel 4.0-rc4
kernel 4.0-rc5
kernel 4.0-rc6
kernel 4.0-rc7
kernel 4.1
kernel 4.1-rc1
kernel 4.1-rc2
kernel 4.1-rc3
kernel 4.1-rc4
kernel 4.1-rc5
kernel 4.1-rc6
kernel 4.1-rc7
kernel 4.1-rc8
kernel 4.10
kernel 4.10-rc1
kernel 4.10-rc2
kernel 4.10-rc3
kernel 4.10-rc4
kernel 4.10-rc5
kernel 4.10-rc6
kernel 4.10-rc7
kernel 4.10-rc8
kernel 4.11
kernel 4.11-rc1
kernel 4.11-rc2
kernel 4.11-rc3
kernel 4.11-rc4
kernel 4.11-rc5
kernel 4.11-rc6
kernel 4.11-rc7
kernel 4.11-rc8
kernel 4.12
kernel 4.12-rc1
kernel 4.12-rc2
kernel 4.12-rc3
kernel 4.12-rc4
kernel 4.12-rc5
kernel 4.12-rc6
kernel 4.12-rc7
kernel 4.13
kernel 4.13-rc1
kernel 4.13-rc2
kernel 4.13-rc3
kernel 4.13-rc4
kernel 4.13-rc5
kernel 4.13-rc6
kernel 4.13-rc7
kernel 4.14
kernel 4.14-rc1
kernel 4.14-rc2
kernel 4.14-rc3
kernel 4.14-rc4
kernel 4.14-rc5
kernel 4.14-rc6
kernel 4.14-rc7
kernel 4.14-rc8
kernel 4.15
kernel 4.15-rc1
kernel 4.15-rc2
kernel 4.15-rc3
kernel 4.15-rc4
kernel 4.15-rc5
kernel 4.15-rc6
kernel 4.15-rc7
kernel 4.15-rc8
kernel 4.15-rc9
kernel 4.16
kernel 4.16-rc1
kernel 4.16-rc2
kernel 4.16-rc3
kernel 4.16-rc4
kernel 4.16-rc5
kernel 4.16-rc6
kernel 4.16-rc7
kernel 4.17
kernel 4.17-rc1
kernel 4.17-rc2
kernel 4.17-rc3
kernel 4.17-rc4
kernel 4.17-rc5
kernel 4.17-rc6
kernel 4.17-rc7
kernel 4.18
kernel 4.18-rc1
kernel 4.18-rc2
kernel 4.18-rc3
kernel 4.18-rc4
kernel 4.18-rc5
kernel 4.18-rc6
kernel 4.18-rc7
kernel 4.18-rc8
kernel 4.19
kernel 4.19-rc1
kernel 4.19-rc2
kernel 4.19-rc3
kernel 4.19-rc4
kernel 4.19-rc5
kernel 4.19-rc6
kernel 4.19-rc7
kernel 4.19-rc8
kernel 4.2
kernel 4.2-rc1
kernel 4.2-rc2
kernel 4.2-rc3
kernel 4.2-rc4
kernel 4.2-rc5
kernel 4.2-rc6
kernel 4.2-rc7
kernel 4.2-rc8
kernel 4.20
kernel 4.20-rc1
kernel 4.20-rc2
kernel 4.20-rc3
kernel 4.20-rc4
kernel 4.20-rc5
kernel 4.20-rc6
kernel 4.20-rc7
kernel 4.3
kernel 4.3-rc1
kernel 4.3-rc2
kernel 4.3-rc3
kernel 4.3-rc4
kernel 4.3-rc5
kernel 4.3-rc6
kernel 4.3-rc7
kernel 4.4
kernel 4.4-rc1
kernel 4.4-rc2
kernel 4.4-rc3
kernel 4.4-rc4
kernel 4.4-rc5
kernel 4.4-rc6
kernel 4.4-rc7
kernel 4.4-rc8
kernel 4.5
kernel 4.5-rc1
kernel 4.5-rc2
kernel 4.5-rc3
kernel 4.5-rc4
kernel 4.5-rc5
kernel 4.5-rc6
kernel 4.5-rc7
kernel 4.6
kernel 4.6-rc1
kernel 4.6-rc2
kernel 4.6-rc3
kernel 4.6-rc4
kernel 4.6-rc5
kernel 4.6-rc6
kernel 4.6-rc7
kernel 4.7
kernel 4.7-rc1
kernel 4.7-rc2
kernel 4.7-rc3
kernel 4.7-rc4
kernel 4.7-rc5
kernel 4.7-rc6
kernel 4.7-rc7
kernel 4.8
kernel 4.8-rc1
kernel 4.8-rc2
kernel 4.8-rc3
kernel 4.8-rc4
kernel 4.8-rc5
kernel 4.8-rc6
kernel 4.8-rc7
kernel 4.8-rc8
kernel 4.9
kernel 4.9-rc1
kernel 4.9-rc2
kernel 4.9-rc3
kernel 4.9-rc4
kernel 4.9-rc5
kernel 4.9-rc6
kernel 4.9-rc7
kernel 4.9-rc8
kernel 5.0
kernel 5.0-rc1
kernel 5.0-rc2
kernel 5.0-rc3
kernel 5.0-rc4
kernel 5.0-rc5
kernel 5.0-rc6
kernel 5.0-rc7
kernel 5.0-rc8
kernel 5.1
kernel 5.1-rc1
kernel 5.1-rc2
kernel 5.1-rc3
kernel 5.1-rc4
kernel 5.1-rc5
kernel 5.1-rc6
kernel 5.1-rc7
kernel 5.10
kernel 5.10-rc1
kernel 5.10-rc2
kernel 5.10-rc3
kernel 5.10-rc4
kernel 5.10-rc5
kernel 5.10-rc6
kernel 5.10-rc7
kernel 5.11
kernel 5.11-rc1
kernel 5.11-rc2
kernel 5.11-rc3
kernel 5.11-rc4
kernel 5.11-rc5
kernel 5.11-rc6
kernel 5.11-rc7
kernel 5.12
kernel 5.12-rc1-dontuse
kernel 5.12-rc2
kernel 5.12-rc3
kernel 5.12-rc4
kernel 5.12-rc5
kernel 5.12-rc6
kernel 5.12-rc7
kernel 5.12-rc8
kernel 5.13
kernel 5.13-rc1
kernel 5.13-rc2
kernel 5.13-rc3
kernel 5.13-rc4
kernel 5.13-rc5
kernel 5.13-rc6
kernel 5.13-rc7
kernel 5.14
kernel 5.14-rc1
kernel 5.14-rc2
kernel 5.14-rc3
kernel 5.14-rc4
kernel 5.14-rc5
kernel 5.14-rc6
kernel 5.14-rc7
kernel 5.15
kernel 5.15-rc1
kernel 5.15-rc2
kernel 5.15-rc3
kernel 5.15-rc4
kernel 5.15-rc5
kernel 5.15-rc6
kernel 5.15-rc7
kernel 5.15.1
kernel 5.15.10
kernel 5.15.11
kernel 5.15.12
kernel 5.15.13
kernel 5.15.14
kernel 5.15.15
kernel 5.15.16
kernel 5.15.17
kernel 5.15.18
kernel 5.15.19
kernel 5.15.2
kernel 5.15.20
kernel 5.15.21
kernel 5.15.22
kernel 5.15.23
kernel 5.15.3
kernel 5.15.4
kernel 5.15.5
kernel 5.15.6
kernel 5.15.7
kernel 5.15.8
kernel 5.15.9
kernel 5.2
kernel 5.2-rc1
kernel 5.2-rc2
kernel 5.2-rc3
kernel 5.2-rc4
kernel 5.2-rc5
kernel 5.2-rc6
kernel 5.2-rc7
kernel 5.3
kernel 5.3-rc1
kernel 5.3-rc2
kernel 5.3-rc3
kernel 5.3-rc4
kernel 5.3-rc5
kernel 5.3-rc6
kernel 5.3-rc7
kernel 5.3-rc8
kernel 5.4
kernel 5.4-rc1
kernel 5.4-rc2
kernel 5.4-rc3
kernel 5.4-rc4
kernel 5.4-rc5
kernel 5.4-rc6
kernel 5.4-rc7
kernel 5.4-rc8
kernel 5.5
kernel 5.5-rc1
kernel 5.5-rc2
kernel 5.5-rc3
kernel 5.5-rc4
kernel 5.5-rc5
kernel 5.5-rc6
kernel 5.5-rc7
kernel 5.6
kernel 5.6-rc1
kernel 5.6-rc2
kernel 5.6-rc3
kernel 5.6-rc4
kernel 5.6-rc5
kernel 5.6-rc6
kernel 5.6-rc7
kernel 5.7
kernel 5.7-rc1
kernel 5.7-rc2
kernel 5.7-rc3
kernel 5.7-rc4
kernel 5.7-rc5
kernel 5.7-rc6
kernel 5.7-rc7
kernel 5.8
kernel 5.8-rc1
kernel 5.8-rc2
kernel 5.8-rc3
kernel 5.8-rc4
kernel 5.8-rc5
kernel 5.8-rc6
kernel 5.8-rc7
kernel 5.9
kernel 5.9-rc1
kernel 5.9-rc2
kernel 5.9-rc3
kernel 5.9-rc4
kernel 5.9-rc5
kernel 5.9-rc6
kernel 5.9-rc7
kernel 5.9-rc8