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HistoryJan 10, 2022 - 12:00 a.m.

Unbreakable Enterprise kernel-container security update


0.001 Low





  • xfs: map unwritten blocks in XFS_IOC_{ALLOC,FREE}SP just like fallocate (Darrick J. Wong) [Orabug: 33699625] {CVE-2021-4155}
  • fget: check that the fd still exists after getting a ref to it (Linus Torvalds) [Orabug: 33691332] {CVE-2021-0920}
  • rds: ib: Reduce the contention caused by the asynchronous workers to flush the mr pool (Praveen Kumar Kannoju) [Orabug: 33671425]
  • rds: ib: Ack seq not always received in monotonic increasing order (Hakon Bugge) [Orabug: 33671414]
  • net/rds: Don’t pummel the subnet-manager (Gerd Rausch) [Orabug: 33671407]
  • EDAC/i10nm: Add detection of memory levels for ICX/SPR servers (Qiuxu Zhuo) [Orabug: 33601775]
  • EDAC/skx_common: Add new ADXL components for 2-level memory (Qiuxu Zhuo) [Orabug: 33601775]
  • EDAC, skx_common: Refactor so that we initialize dev in result of adxl decode. (Tony Luck) [Orabug: 33601775]
  • uek-rpm: Add ktime_get_coarse_ts64 to KABI (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 33671383]
  • cpufreq: intel_pstate: Add Icelake servers support in no-HWP mode (Giovanni Gherdovich) [Orabug: 33671378]
  • net: ipv6: Discard next-hop MTU less than minimum link MTU (Georg Kohmann) [Orabug: 33671371]
  • ocfs2: fix race between searching chunks and release journal_head from buffer_head (Gautham Ananthakrishna) [Orabug: 33671363]
  • rds/ib: Use both iova and key in free_mr socket call (aru kolappan) [Orabug: 33671236]