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HistoryDec 06, 2022 - 12:00 a.m.

Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update


0.002 Low





  • x86/smpboot: check cpu_initialized_mask first after returning from schedule() (Dongli Zhang) [Orabug: 34798594]
  • btrfs: Remove BUG_ON() as it is causing kernel to panic (Rhythm Mahajan) [Orabug: 34840579]
  • btrfs: fix missing return for a non-void function. (Harshit Mogalapalli) [Orabug: 34827292]
  • btrfs: Don’t submit any btree write bio if the fs has errors (Qu Wenruo) [Orabug: 31265340] {CVE-2019-19377}
  • scsi: stex: Properly zero out the passthrough command structure (Linus Torvalds) [Orabug: 34670757] {CVE-2022-40768}
  • net/packet: fix slab-out-of-bounds access in packet_recvmsg() (Eric Dumazet) [Orabug: 34791643] {CVE-2022-20368}
  • packet: in recvmsg msg_name return at least sizeof sockaddr_ll (Willem de Bruijn) [Orabug: 34791643]
  • fs/attr.c: handling case when inode does not attach with dentry structure (Alok Tiwari) [Orabug: 34733462] [Orabug: 34798221] [Orabug: 34816013]
  • drm/ttm/nouveau: don’t call tt destroy callback on alloc failure. (Dave Airlie) [Orabug: 33014078] {CVE-2021-20292}
  • netfilter: nf_conntrack_irc: Tighten matching on DCC message (David Leadbeater) [Orabug: 34555474] {CVE-2022-2663}
  • openvswitch: fix OOB access in reserve_sfa_size() (Paolo Valerio) [Orabug: 34607642] {CVE-2022-2639}
  • openvswitch: fix flow actions reallocation (Andrea Righi) [Orabug: 34607642]
  • openvswitch: fix the incorrect flow action alloc size (zhangliping) [Orabug: 34607642]
  • cgroup: Prevent kill_css() from being called more than once (Waiman Long) [Orabug: 34679307]
  • mISDN: fix use-after-free bugs in l1oip timer handlers (Duoming Zhou) [Orabug: 34719783] {CVE-2022-3565}
  • vsock: Fix memory leak in vsock_connect() (Peilin Ye) [Orabug: 34731194] {CVE-2022-3629}
  • vsock: split dwork to avoid reinitializations (Cong Wang) [Orabug: 34731194]