resource-agents security update

ID ELSA-2020-5947
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2020-11-24T00:00:00


[4.1.1-68] - azure-lb: fix redirect issue Resolves: rhbz#1850778 [4.1.1-67] - gcp-vpc-move-vip: add support for multiple alias IPs Resolves: rhbz#1846733 [4.1.1-65] - azure-events: handle exceptions in urlopen Resolves: rhbz#1845574 [4.1.1-64] - nfsserver: fix NFSv4-only support - azure-events: new resource agent for Azure Resolves: rhbz#1818997 Resolves: rhbz#1819965 [4.1.1-60] - Upgrade bundled python-httplib2 to fix CVE-2020-11078 Resolves: rhbz#1850990 [4.1.1-59] - pgsql: support Pacemaker v2.03+ output Resolves: rhbz#1836186 [4.1.1-56] - Filesystem: set 'fast_stop' default to 'no' for GFS2 filesystems Resolves: rhbz#1814896 [4.1.1-55] - nfsserver: dont log error message when /etc/sysconfig/nfs does not exist - exportfs: describe clientspec format in metadata Resolves: rhbz#1845581 Resolves: rhbz#1845583 [4.1.1-54] - exportfs: add symlink support - aliyun-vpc-move-ip: log output when failing Resolves: rhbz#1820523 Resolves: rhbz#1843999 [4.1.1-53] - podman: force remove container if remove fails Resolves: rhbz#1839721 [4.1.1-52] - gcp-pd-move: new resource agent for Google Cloud Resolves: rhbz#1633251 [4.1.1-51] - NovaEvacuate: suppress expected initial error message - db2 (HADR): promote standby node when master node disappears Resolves: rhbz#1830716 Resolves: rhbz#1836945 [4.1.1-50] - rabbitmq-cluster: increase rabbitmqctl wait timeout during start Resolves: rhbz#1832321 [4.1.1-49] - aws-vpc-route53: new resource agent for AWS - pgsql: improve checks to prevent incorrect status, and set initial score for primary and hot standby Resolves: rhbz#1759115 Resolves: rhbz#1744190 [4.1.1-47] - aws-vpc-move-ip: delete remaining route entries Resolves: rhbz#1819021 [4.1.1-46] - use safe temp file location - ocf-shellfuncs: ocf_is_clone(): fix to return true when clone-max is set to 0 Resolves: rhbz#1817432 Resolves: rhbz#1817598 [4.1.1-45] - azure-lb: support using socat instead of nc - aws-vpc-move-ip: add 'routing_table_role' parameter - redis: fix validate-all action and run it during start Resolves: rhbz#1804658 Resolves: rhbz#1810466 Resolves: rhbz#1792237 [4.1.1-44] - lvmlockd: automatically remove locking_type from lvm.conf for LVM v2.03+ Resolves: rhbz#1808468 [4.1.1-43] - rabbitmq-cluster: delete nodename when stop fails Resolves: rhbz#1792196 [4.1.1-42] - IPsrcaddr: add destination and table parameters Resolves: rhbz#1744224 [4.1.1-40] - podman: improve image exist check - IPaddr2: add CLUSTERIP not supported info to metadata/manpage - Filesystem: refresh UUID if block device doesnt exist Resolves: rhbz#1788889 Resolves: rhbz#1767916 Resolves: rhbz#1777381 [4.1.1-38] - IPaddr2: add noprefixroute parameter Resolves: rhbz#1741042 [4.1.1-36] - exportfs: allow multiple exports with same fsid - mysql/galera: fix incorrect rc Resolves: rhbz#1764888 Resolves: rhbz#1765128 [4.1.1-35] - Route: dont fence when parameters not set - LVM-activate: add partial-activation support Resolves: rhbz#1750261 Resolves: rhbz#1741843 [4.1.1-34] - LVM/clvm: remove manpages for excluded agents - LVM-activate: return NOT_RUNNING when node rejoins cluster - LVM-activate: detect systemid volume without reboot - Filesystem: add symlink support - Filesystem: avoid corrupt mount-list and dont kill incorrect processes for bind-mounts - IPsrcaddr: make proto optional to fix regression when used without NetworkManager - docker: fix stop issues - rabbitmq-cluster: also restore users in single node mode - IPaddr2: sanitize compressed IPv6 IPs - nfsserver: systemd performance improvements - NovaEvacuate: add 'evacuate_delay' parameter Resolves: rhbz#1694392 Resolves: rhbz#1695039 Resolves: rhbz#1738428 Resolves: rhbz#1744103 Resolves: rhbz#1744140 Resolves: rhbz#1757837 Resolves: rhbz#1748768 Resolves: rhbz#1750352 Resolves: rhbz#1751700 Resolves: rhbz#1751962 Resolves: rhbz#1755760 [4.1.1-33] - rabbitmq-cluster: fail monitor when node is in minority partition, fix stop regression, retry start when cluster join fails, ensure node attributes are removed Resolves: rhbz#1745713 [4.1.1-32] - mysql/galera: use runuser/su to avoid using DAC_OVERRIDE Resolves: rhbz#1692960 [4.1.1-31] - podman: add drop-in dependency support Resolves: rhbz#1736746 [4.1.1-30] - iSCSITarget/iSCSILogicalUnit: only create iqn/acls when it doesnt exist Resolves: rhbz#1692413 [4.1.1-29] - CTDB: add support for v4.9+ Resolves: rhbz#1732867 [4.1.1-28] - podman: fixes to avoid bundle resources restarting when probing takes too long - LVM-activate: fix monitor to avoid hang caused by validate-all call Resolves: rhbz#1718219 Resolves: rhbz#1730455 [4.1.1-27] - ocf_log: do not log debug messages when HA_debug unset - Filesystem: remove notify-action from metadata - dhcpd keep SELinux context in chroot Resolves: rhbz#1707969 Resolves: rhbz#1717759 Resolves: rhbz#1719684 [4.1.1-26] - sap/sap-hana: split subpackages into separate packages Resolves: rhbz#1705767 [4.1.1-24] - Squid: fix PID file issue Resolves: rhbz#1689184 [4.1.1-23] - Route: make family parameter optional - redis: mute password warning Resolves: rhbz#1669140 Resolves: rhbz#1683548 [4.1.1-22] - aws-vpc-move-ip: add multi route-table support and fix issue w/multiple NICs Resolves: rhbz#1697559 [4.1.1-21] - gcp-vpc-move-route/gcp-vpc-move-vip: fix Python 3 encoding issue Resolves: rhbz#1695656 [4.1.1-20] - aws-vpc-move-ip: use '--query' to avoid a possible race condition - gcloud-ra: fix Python 3 issue and remove Python 2 detection Resolves: rhbz#1693662 Resolves: rhbz#1691456 [4.1.1-19] - Add CI gating tests - LVM-activate: support LVs from same VG - tomcat: use systemd when is unavailable - Fixed python-devel/perl build dependencies Resolves: rhbz#1682136 Resolves: rhbz#1667414 Resolves: rhbz#1666691 Resolves: rhbz#1595854 [4.1.1-18] - aliyun-vpc-move-ip: exclude from main package - aliyuncli-ra: upgrade bundled python-aliyun-sdk-core and fix Python 3 issues - byte compile Resolves: rhbz#1677204 Resolves: rhbz#1677981 Resolves: rhbz#1678874 [4.1.1-17] - LVM-activate: dont require locking_type Resolves: rhbz#1658664 [4.1.1-16] - vdo-vol: fix monitor-action - LVM-activate: dont fail initial probe Resolves: rhbz#1662466 Resolves: rhbz#1643307 [4.1.1-15] - nfsserver: fix start-issues when nfs_shared_infodir parameter is changed Resolves: rhbz#1642027 [4.1.1-14] - redis: use basename in pidof to avoid issues in containers Resolves: rhbz#1635785 [4.1.1-11] - Remove grpc from bundle Resolves: rhbz#1630627 [4.1.1-10] - systemd-tmpfiles: change path to /run/resource-agents Resolves: rhbz#1631291 [4.1.1-9] - podman: new resource agent Resolves: rhbz#1607607 [4.1.1-8] - LVM: fix missing dash in activate_options - LVM-activate: warn about incorrect vg_access_mode - lvmlockd: add cmirrord support [4.1.1-7] - findif: only match lines containing netmasks [4.1.1-6] - Rebuild with fixed binutils [4.1.1-5] - vdo-vol: new resource agent Resolves: rhbz#1552330 [4.1.1-4] - VirtualDomain: add stateless support - Exclude unsupported agents [4.1.1-3] - Added SAPHana and OpenStack agents [4.1.1-2] - Remove unsupported clvm and LVM agents [4.1.1-1] - Rebase to resource-agents 4.1.1 upstream release. [4.1.0-2] - Add gcc to BuildRequires [4.1.0-1.1] - Escape macros in %changelog [4.1.0-1] - Rebase to resource-agents 4.1.0 upstream release. [4.0.1-1.3] - Rebuilt for [4.0.1-1.2] - Rebuilt for [4.0.1-1.1] - Rebuilt for [4.0.1-1] - Rebase to resource-agents 4.0.1 upstream release. [4.0.0-2] - galera: remove 'long SST monitoring' support due to corner-case issues [4.0.0-1] - Rebase to resource-agents 4.0.0 upstream release. [3.9.7-6] - Add netstat dependency [3.9.7-4] - Rebase to resource-agents 3.9.7 upstream release. [3.9.6-2.2] - Rebuilt for [3.9.6-2.1] - Rebuilt for [3.9.6-2] - Rebase to latest upstream code in order to pull in rabbitmq-cluster agent [3.9.6-1] - Rebase to resource-agents 3.9.6 upstream release. [3.9.5-12.2] - Rebuilt for [3.9.5-12.1] - Rebuilt for [3.9.5-12] - Sync with latest upstream. [3.9.5-11] - Sync with latest upstream. [3.9.5-10] - Fix build system for rawhide. [3.9.5-9] - Remove rgmanager agents from build. [3.9.5-8] - Rebuilt for [3.9.5-7] - Perl 5.18 rebuild [3.9.5-6] - Restores rsctmp directory to upstream default. [3.9.5-5] - Merges redhat provider into heartbeat provider. Remove rgmanager's redhat provider. Resolves: rhbz#917681 Resolves: rhbz#928890 Resolves: rhbz#952716 Resolves: rhbz#960555 [3.9.5-3] - Fixes build system error with conditional logic involving IPv6addr and updates spec file to build against rhel 7 as well as fedora 19. [3.9.5-2]