libvirt security update

ID ELSA-2020-5674
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2020-05-07T00:00:00


[5.7.0-13.el7] - domain groups: Fix multiple Domain Group vCPU administration flaws (Wim ten Have) [Orabug: 31145304] - qemu: fix missing #if defined(ENABLE_EXADATA) (Menno Lageman) - build: Fix qemu-submodule-init syntax-check issue (Wim ten Have) - libvirt: Fix various introduced Fedora/RHEL build violations (Wim ten Have) [Orabug: 31143337] - qemu: don't hold both jobs for suspend (Jonathon Jongsma) [Orabug: 31073098] {CVE-2019-20485} - domain groups: qemu driver error refers to pCPUs instead of vCPUs (Wim ten Have) [Orabug: 31075757] - node_device_conf: Don't leak @physical_function in virNodeDeviceGetPCISRIOVCaps (Jiang Kun) [Orabug: 31070337]