Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update

ID ELSA-2020-5541
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2020-02-22T00:00:00


[4.1.12-124.36.3] - Fix KABI error by keeping the struct field being removed by the below patch (Ritika Srivastava) [Orabug: 30902926] - Revert 'PCI: Check pref compatible bit for mem64 resource of PCIe device' (Ritika Srivastava) [Orabug: 30902926] [4.1.12-124.36.2] - rds: Use bitmap to designate dropped connections (Hakon Bugge) [Orabug: 30868399] - rds: Avoid flushing MRs in rds_rdma_drop_keys (aru kolappan) [Orabug: 29797476] - CIFS: fix POSIX lock leak and invalid ptr deref (Aurelien Aptel) [Orabug: 30399972] - mwifiex: Fix heap overflow in mmwifiex_process_tdls_action_frame() (qize wang) [Orabug: 30819439] {CVE-2019-14901} - media: b2c2-flexcop-usb: add sanity checking (Oliver Neukum) [Orabug: 30864533] {CVE-2019-15291} - rds: prevent use-after-free of rds conn in rds_send_drop_to() (Sharath Srinivasan) [Orabug: 30865080] - KVM: vmx: use MSR_IA32_TSX_CTRL to hard-disable TSX on guest that lack it (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 30867886] - KVM: vmx: implement MSR_IA32_TSX_CTRL disable RTM functionality (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 30867886] - KVM: x86: implement MSR_IA32_TSX_CTRL effect on CPUID (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 30867886] - KVM: x86: do not modify masked bits of shared MSRs (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 30867886] - KVM: x86: fix presentation of TSX feature in ARCH_CAPABILITIES (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 30867886] - slub: do not sanity check if SLAB_DEBUG_FREE is not set (Dongli Zhang) [Orabug: 30903145] - slub: extend slub debug to handle multiple slabs (Aaron Tomlin) [Orabug: 30903145] - Fix kmalloc slab creation sequence (Christoph Lameter) [Orabug: 30903145] - slab: correct size_index table before replacing the bootstrap kmem_cache_node (Daniel Sanders) [Orabug: 30903145] - mm/slab_common: support the slub_debug boot option on specific object size (Gavin Guo) [Orabug: 30903145]