Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update


[4.1.12-124.34.1] - block/loop: set hw_sectors (Shaohua Li) [Orabug: 30244514] - block-mq: fix hung due to too much warning log (Junxiao Bi) [Orabug: 30273956] - oled: export symbols (Wengang Wang) [Orabug: 30512063] - oled: give panic handler chance to run before kexec (Wengang Wang) [Orabug: 30512063] - USB: sisusbvga: fix oops in error path of sisusb_probe (Oliver Neukum) [Orabug: 30548565] {CVE-2019-15219} [4.1.12-124.33.5] - net/mlx5: bump driver rev (Brian Maly) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Add 25G and 50G types (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Add ConnectX-5 PCIe 4.0 VF device ID (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Fix pci error recovery flow (Mohamad Haj Yahia) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Add timeout handle to commands with callback (Mohamad Haj Yahia) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Fix potential deadlock in command mode change (Mohamad Haj Yahia) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Fix wait_vital for VFs and remove fixed sleep (Daniel Jurgens) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Add ConnectX-5 PCIe 4.0 to list of supported devices (Majd Dibbiny) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Add missing 50G baseSR2 link mode (Gal Pressman) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Add ConnectX-5 to list of supported devices (Majd Dibbiny) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Fix MLX5E_100BASE_T define (Rana Shahout) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Fix soft lockup when HW Timestamping is enabled (Eran Ben Elisha) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Make command timeout way shorter (Or Gerlitz) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Fix teardown errors that happen in pci error handler (Mohamad Haj Yahia) [Orabug: 30479538] - IB/mlx5: Support setting Ethernet priority for Raw Packet QPs (majd@mellanox.com) [Orabug: 30479538] - IB/mlx5: Add Raw Packet QP query functionality (majd@mellanox.com) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Warn on unsupported events of QP/RQ/SQ (majd@mellanox.com) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Add RQ and SQ event handling (majd@mellanox.com) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Export transport objects (majd@mellanox.com) [Orabug: 30479538] - IB/mlx5: Add CQE version 1 support to user QPs and SRQs (Haggai Abramovsky) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Fix trimming down IRQ number (Doron Tsur) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Export flow steering API (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Make ipv4/ipv6 location more clear (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Enable flow steering support for the IB driver (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Initialize namespaces only when supported by device (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Set priority attributes (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Connect flow tables (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Introduce modify flow table command (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Managing root flow table (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Add utilities to find next and prev flow-tables (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Introduce flow steering autogrouped flow table (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Add PTP Hardware Clock (PHC) support (Eran Ben Elisha) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Add HW timestamping (TS) support (Eran Ben Elisha) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Introduce access function to read internal timer (Eran Ben Elisha) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Do not modify the TX SKB (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Add setting ATOMIC endian mode (Eran Ben Elisha) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Introduce access functions to enable/disable RoCE (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Break down the vport mac address query function (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Rename en_flow_table.c to en_fs.c (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Use flow steering infrastructure for mlx5_en (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Flow steering tree initialization (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Introduce flow steering API (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Add flow steering lookup algorithms (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Add flow steering base data structures (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Introduce flow steering firmware commands (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Assign random MAC address if needed (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Fix query E-Switch capabilities (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Add support for SR-IOV ndos (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Introduce get vf statistics (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Introduce set vport vlan (VST mode) (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Introduce HCA cap and E-Switch vport context (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Introduce Vport administration functions (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Add SR-IOV (FDB) support (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Introduce FDB hardware capabilities (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Introducing E-Switch and l2 table (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Write vlan list into vport context (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Write UC/MC list and promisc mode into vport context (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Introduce access functions to modify/query vport vlans (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Introduce access functions to modify/query vport promisc mode (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Introduce access functions to modify/query vport state (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Introduce access functions to modify/query vport mac lists (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Update access functions to Query/Modify vport MAC address (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Add HW capabilities and structs for SR-IOV E-Switch (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Add base sriov support (Eli Cohen) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Modify enable/disable hca functions (Eli Cohen) [Orabug: 30479538] - mlx5: support napi_complete_done() (Eric Dumazet) [Orabug: 30479538] - mlx5: add busy polling support (Eric Dumazet) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Use the right DMA free function on TX path (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Max mtu comparison fix (Doron Tsur) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Added self loopback prevention (Tariq Toukan) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Fix inline header size calculation (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Fix LSO vlan insertion (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Re-eanble client vlan TX acceleration (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Return error in case mlx5e_set_features() fails (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Don't allow more than max supported channels (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Use the the real irqn in eq->irqn (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Wait for RX buffers initialization in a more proper manner (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Avoid NULL pointer access in case of configuration failure (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Wait for FW readiness on startup (Eli Cohen) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Add pci error handlers to mlx5_core driver (Majd Dibbiny) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Fix internal error detection conditions (Eli Cohen) [Orabug: 30479538] (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Disable VLAN filter in promiscuous mode (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Fix typo in mlx5_query_port_pvlc (Jiri Pirko) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Use private health thread for each device (Eli Cohen) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Use accessor functions to read from device memory (Eli Cohen) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Prepare cmd interface to system errors handling (Eli Cohen) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Improve mlx5 messages (Eli Cohen) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Update health syndromes (Eli Cohen) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Fix wrong name in struct (Eli Cohen) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: New init and exit flow for mlx5_core (Majd Dibbiny) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Fix notification of page supplement error (Eli Cohen) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Fix async commands return code (Eli Cohen) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Remove redundant 'err' variable usage (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Fix struct type in the DESTROY_TIR/TIS device commands (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Priv state flag not rolled-back upon netdev open error (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - IB/mlx5: Remove support for IB_DEVICE_LOCAL_DMA_LKEY (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 30479538] - mlx5: Fix incorrect wc pkey_index assignment for GSI messages (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 30479538] - mlx5: Expose max_sge_rd correctly (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 30479538] - mlx5: Expose correct page_size_cap in device attributes (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 30479538] - mlx5: Fix missing device local_dma_lkey (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Avoid accessing NULL pointer at ndo_select_queue (Rana Shahout) [Orabug: 30479538] - mlx5e: Fix sparse warnings in mlx5e_handle_csum(). (David S. Miller) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Support RX CHECKSUM_COMPLETE (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Support ethtool get/set_pauseparam (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Ethtool link speed setting fixes (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: HW LRO changes/fixes (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Support smaller RX/TX ring sizes (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Add ethtool RSS configuration options (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Make RSS indirection table size a constant (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Have a single RSS Toeplitz hash key (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Set log_uar_page_sz for non 4K page size architecture (Carol L Soto) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Support physical port counters (Gal Pressman) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Take advantage of the light-weight netdev open/stop (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Disable async events before unregister_netdev() (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Rename/move functions following the ndo_stop flow change (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Light-weight netdev open/stop (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Introduce access function to modify RSS/LRO params (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Introduce the 'Drop RQ' (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Unify the RX flow (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Remove the mlx5e_update_priv_params() function (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Introduce create/destroy RSS indir table access functions (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Do not use netdev_err() before the netdev is registered (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Avoid redundant de-reference (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Remove redundant assignment of sq->user_index (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Remove redundant field mlx5e_priv->num_tc (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Use hard-coded 4K page size for RQ/SQ/CQ (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Check the return value of mlx5_command_exec() (Haggai Abramonvsky) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Input IPSEC.SPI into the RX RSS hash function (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Cosmetics: use BIT() instead of '1 <<', and others (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: TX latency optimization to save DMA reads (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Support TX packet copy into WQE (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Allocate DMA coherent memory on reader NUMA node (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Support ETH_RSS_HASH_XOR (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Prefetch skb data on RX (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Pop cq outside mlx5e_get_cqe (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Remove mlx5e_cq.sqrq back-pointer (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Remove extra spaces (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Avoid TX CQE generation if more xmit packets expected (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Avoid redundant dev_kfree_skb() upon NOP completion (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Remove re-assignment of wq type in mlx5e_enable_rq() (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Use skb_shinfo(skb)->gso_segs rather than counting them (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Static mapping of netdev priv resources to/from netdev TX queues (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Add transport domain to the ethernet TIRs/TISs (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Add transport domain alloc/dealloc support (Achiad Shochat) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Support NETIF_F_SG (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Enforce max flow-tables level >= 3 (Gal Pressman) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Disable client vlan TX acceleration (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Add HW cacheline start padding (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5e: Fix HW MTU settings (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: fix an error code (Dan Carpenter) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Fix static checker warnings around system guid query flow (Majd Dibbiny) [Orabug: 30479538] - mlx5: Enable mutual support for IB and Ethernet (Haggai Abramonvsky) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Add more query port helpers (Majd Dibbiny) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Use port number when querying port ptys (Majd Dibbiny) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Use port number in the query port mtu helpers (Majd Dibbiny) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Get vendor-id using the query adapter command (Majd Dibbiny) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Add new query HCA vport commands (Majd Dibbiny) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Make the vport helpers available for the IB driver too (Majd Dibbiny) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Check the return bitmask when querying ISSI (Haggai Abramonvsky) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Enable XRCs and SRQs when using ISSI > 0 (Haggai Abramonvsky) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Apply proper name convention to helpers (Haggai Abramonvsky) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_en: Add missing check for memory allocation failure (Amir Vadai) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Extend mlx5_core to support ConnectX-4 Ethernet functionality (Amir Vadai) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Ethernet resource handling files (Amir Vadai) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5: Ethernet Datapath files (Amir Vadai) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Set/Query port MTU commands (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Modify CQ moderation parameters (Rana Shahout) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Implement get/set port status (Rana Shahout) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Implement access functions of ptys register fields (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: New device capabilities handling (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: HW data structs/types definitions cleanup (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core: Set irq affinity hints (Saeed Mahameed) [Orabug: 30479538] - mlx5: add kcompat.h (Brian Maly) [Orabug: 30479538] - net/mlx5_core,mlx5_ib: Do not use vmap() on coherent memory (Amir Vadai) [Orabug: 30479538] - mlx5: enable module in kernel configs (Brian Maly) [Orabug: 30479538] - config: disable mlx5_ib (Brian Maly) [Orabug: 30479538] - nano: remove mlx5_ib (Brian Maly) [Orabug: 30479538] - fix retpoline build breakage when CONFIG_RETPOLINE is not set (Brian Maly) [Orabug: 30479538]

Affected Package

OS OS Version Package Name Package Version
oracle linux 6 kernel-uek 4.1.12-124.34.1.el6uek
oracle linux 6 kernel-uek 4.1.12-124.34.1.el6uek
oracle linux 6 kernel-uek-debug 4.1.12-124.34.1.el6uek
oracle linux 6 kernel-uek-debug-devel 4.1.12-124.34.1.el6uek
oracle linux 6 kernel-uek-devel 4.1.12-124.34.1.el6uek
oracle linux 6 kernel-uek-doc 4.1.12-124.34.1.el6uek
oracle linux 6 kernel-uek-firmware 4.1.12-124.34.1.el6uek
oracle linux 7 kernel-uek 4.1.12-124.34.1.el7uek
oracle linux 7 kernel-uek 4.1.12-124.34.1.el7uek
oracle linux 7 kernel-uek-debug 4.1.12-124.34.1.el7uek
oracle linux 7 kernel-uek-debug-devel 4.1.12-124.34.1.el7uek
oracle linux 7 kernel-uek-devel 4.1.12-124.34.1.el7uek
oracle linux 7 kernel-uek-doc 4.1.12-124.34.1.el7uek
oracle linux 7 kernel-uek-firmware 4.1.12-124.34.1.el7uek