Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update


[4.1.12-124.28.1] - hugetlbfs: don't retry when pool page allocations start to fail (Mike Kravetz) [Orabug: 29324267] - x86/speculation: RSB stuffing with retpoline on Skylake+ cpus (William Roche) [Orabug: 29660924] - x86/speculation: reformatting RSB overwrite macro (William Roche) [Orabug: 29660924] - x86/speculation: Dynamic enable and disable of RSB stuffing with IBRS&!SMEP (William Roche) [Orabug: 29660924] - x86/speculation: STUFF_RSB dynamic enable (William Roche) [Orabug: 29660924] - int3 handler better address space detection on interrupts (William Roche) [Orabug: 29660924] - repairing out-of-tree build functionality (Mark Nicholson) [Orabug: 29755100] - ext4: fix false negatives *and* false positives in ext4_check_descriptors() (Shuning Zhang) [Orabug: 29797007] [4.1.12-124.27.3] - ocfs2: fix ocfs2 read inode data panic in ocfs2_iget (Shuning Zhang) [Orabug: 29233739] - Bluetooth: Verify that l2cap_get_conf_opt provides large enough buffer (Marcel Holtmann) [Orabug: 29526426] {CVE-2019-3459} - Bluetooth: Check L2CAP option sizes returned from l2cap_get_conf_opt (Marcel Holtmann) [Orabug: 29526426] {CVE-2019-3459} - HID: debug: fix the ring buffer implementation (Vladis Dronov) [Orabug: 29629481] {CVE-2019-3819} {CVE-2019-3819} - scsi: target: iscsi: Use hex2bin instead of a re-implementation (Vincent Pelletier) [Orabug: 29778875] {CVE-2018-14633} {CVE-2018-14633} - scsi: libsas: fix a race condition when smp task timeout (Jason Yan) [Orabug: 29783225] {CVE-2018-20836} - scsi: megaraid_sas: return error when create DMA pool failed (Jason Yan) [Orabug: 29783254] {CVE-2019-11810} - Bluetooth: hidp: fix buffer overflow (Young Xiao) [Orabug: 29786786] {CVE-2011-1079} {CVE-2019-11884} - x86/speculation/mds: Add 'mitigations=' support for MDS (Kanth Ghatraju) [Orabug: 29791046] - net: rds: force to destroy connection if t_sock is NULL in rds_tcp_kill_sock(). (Mao Wenan) [Orabug: 29802785] {CVE-2019-11815}

Affected Package

OS OS Version Package Name Package Version
oracle linux 6 kernel-uek 4.1.12-124.28.1.el6uek
oracle linux 6 kernel-uek 4.1.12-124.28.1.el6uek
oracle linux 6 kernel-uek-debug 4.1.12-124.28.1.el6uek
oracle linux 6 kernel-uek-debug-devel 4.1.12-124.28.1.el6uek
oracle linux 6 kernel-uek-devel 4.1.12-124.28.1.el6uek
oracle linux 6 kernel-uek-doc 4.1.12-124.28.1.el6uek
oracle linux 6 kernel-uek-firmware 4.1.12-124.28.1.el6uek
oracle linux 7 kernel-uek 4.1.12-124.28.1.el7uek
oracle linux 7 kernel-uek 4.1.12-124.28.1.el7uek
oracle linux 7 kernel-uek-debug 4.1.12-124.28.1.el7uek
oracle linux 7 kernel-uek-debug-devel 4.1.12-124.28.1.el7uek
oracle linux 7 kernel-uek-devel 4.1.12-124.28.1.el7uek
oracle linux 7 kernel-uek-doc 4.1.12-124.28.1.el7uek
oracle linux 7 kernel-uek-firmware 4.1.12-124.28.1.el7uek