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HistoryMay 15, 2019 - 12:00 a.m.

Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update







  • scsi: libfc: sanitize E_D_TOV and R_A_TOV setting (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 25933179]
  • scsi: libfc: use configured rport E_D_TOV (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 25933179]
  • scsi: libfc: additional debugging messages (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 25933179]
  • scsi: libfc: don’t advance state machine for incoming FLOGI (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 25933179]
  • scsi: libfc: Do not login if the port is already started (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 25933179]
  • scsi: libfc: Do not drop down to FLOGI for fc_rport_login() (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 25933179]
  • scsi: libfc: Do not take rdata->rp_mutex when processing a -FC_EX_CLOSED ELS response. (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 25933179]
  • scsi: libfc: Fixup disc_mutex handling (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 25933179]
  • xve: arm ud tx cq to generate completion interrupts (Ajaykumar Hotchandani) [Orabug: 28267050]
  • net: sched: run ingress qdisc without locks (Alexei Starovoitov) [Orabug: 29395374]
  • bnxt_en: Fix typo in firmware message timeout logic. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29412112]
  • bnxt_en: Wait longer for the firmware message response to complete. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29412112]
  • mm,vmscan: Make unregister_shrinker() no-op if register_shrinker() failed. (Tetsuo Handa) [Orabug: 29456281]
  • X.509: Handle midnight alternative notation in GeneralizedTime (David Howells) [Orabug: 29460344] {CVE-2015-5327}
  • X.509: Support leap seconds (David Howells) [Orabug: 29460344] {CVE-2015-5327}
  • X.509: Fix the time validation [ver #2] (David Howells) [Orabug: 29460344] {CVE-2015-5327} {CVE-2015-5327}
  • be2net: enable new Kconfig items in kernel configs (Brian Maly) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • benet: remove broken and unused macro (Lubomir Rintel) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • be2net: don’t flip hw_features when VXLANs are added/deleted (Davide Caratti) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • be2net: Fix memory leak in be_cmd_get_profile_config() (Petr Oros) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • be2net: Use Kconfig flag to support for enabling/disabling adapters (Petr Oros) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • be2net: Mark expected switch fall-through (Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • be2net: fix spelling mistake ‘seqence’ -> ‘sequence’ (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • be2net: Update the driver version to (Suresh Reddy) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • be2net: gather debug info and reset adapter (only for Lancer) on a tx-timeout (Suresh Reddy) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • be2net: move rss_flags field in rss_info to ensure proper alignment (Ivan Vecera) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • be2net: re-order fields in be_error_recovert to avoid hole (Ivan Vecera) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • be2net: remove unused tx_jiffies field from be_tx_stats (Ivan Vecera) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • be2net: move txcp field in be_tx_obj to eliminate holes in the struct (Ivan Vecera) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • be2net: reorder fields in be_eq_obj structure (Ivan Vecera) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • be2net: remove unused old custom busy-poll fields (Ivan Vecera) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • be2net: remove unused old AIC info (Ivan Vecera) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • be2net: Fix error detection logic for BE3 (Suresh Reddy) [Orabug: 29475071]
  • scsi: sd: Do not override max_sectors_kb sysfs setting (Martin K. Petersen) [Orabug: 29596510]
  • USB: serial: io_ti: fix div-by-zero in set_termios (Johan Hovold) [Orabug: 29487834] {CVE-2017-18360}
  • bnxt_en: Drop oversize TX packets to prevent errors. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29516462]
  • x86/speculation: Read per-cpu value of x86_spec_ctrl_priv in x86_virt_spec_ctrl() (Alejandro Jimenez) [Orabug: 29526401]
  • x86/speculation: Keep enhanced IBRS on when prctl is used for SSBD control (Alejandro Jimenez) [Orabug: 29526401]
  • USB: hso: Fix OOB memory access in hso_probe/hso_get_config_data (Hui Peng) [Orabug: 29605982] {CVE-2018-19985} {CVE-2018-19985}
  • swiotlb: save io_tlb_used to local variable before leaving critical section (Dongli Zhang) [Orabug: 29637525]
  • swiotlb: dump used and total slots when swiotlb buffer is full (Dongli Zhang) [Orabug: 29637525]
  • x86/bugs, kvm: don’t miss SSBD when IBRS is in use. (Quentin Casasnovas) [Orabug: 29642113]
  • cifs: Fix use after free of a mid_q_entry (Shuning Zhang) [Orabug: 29654888]
  • binfmt_elf: switch to new creds when switching to new mm (Linus Torvalds) [Orabug: 29677233] {CVE-2019-11190}
  • x86/microcode: Don’t return error if microcode update is not needed (Boris Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 29759756]