firewalld security, bug fix, and enhancement update

ID ELSA-2016-2597
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2016-11-09T00:00:00


[] - Exclude firewallctl (RHBZ#1374799) [] - Tolerate ipv6_rpfilter fail (RHBZ#1285769) - Fix set_rules to copy the rule before extracting the table (RHBZ#1373260) - Translation update (RHBZ#1273296) - Conflict with NetworkManager < 1:1.4.0-3.el7 (RHBZ#1366288) [] - Do not use exit code 254 for {ALREADY,NOT}_ENABLED sequences (RHBZ#1366654) - Fail with NOT_AUTHORIZED if authorization fails (RHBZ#1368549) - firewall-cmd: Fix get and set description for permanent zones (RHBZ#1368949) - Fix loading of service helpers in active zones (RHBZ#1371116) [] - Print errors and warnings to stderr additional patch (RHBZ#1360894) - Fixed trace back in firewallctl (RHBZ#1367155) - Fix client crash if systembus can not be aquired (RHBZ#1367038) - Make ALREADY_ENABLED a warning (RHBZ#1366654) - Added conflict to old squid package providing the squid.service file (RHBZ#1366308) - Fixed firewall-cmd help typo (RHBZ#1367171) [] - Fixed firewall-config gettext usage (RHBZ#1361612) - Fixed ifcfg file reader and writer (RHBZ#1362171) - Fixed loading ipset entries from file in commands (RHBZ#1365198) - Added conflicts to old main package to sub packages (RHBZ#1361669) - Do not show settings of zones etc. without authentication (RHBZ#1357098) - Fixed CVE-2016-5410 (RHBZ#1359296) [] - Fix test suite for command change (RHBZ#1360871) - Fix test suite with stderr usage (RHBZ#1360894) - Rebuild for wrong docdir without version (RHBZ#1057327#c7) [] - Updated conflict for selinux-policy (RHBZ#1304723) - Fixed exit codes in command line clients (RHBZ#1357050) - Fixed traceback in firewall-cmd without args (RHBZ#1357063) - Fixed source docs in man pages and help output (RHBZ#1357888) - Fixed rebuild of changed man pages (RHBZ#1360362) - Use stderr for errors and warnings in command line tools (RHBZ#1360894) - Fixed lockdown not denying invalid commands (RHBZ#1360871) [] - Rebase to - Fix regression with unavailable optional commands - All missing backend messages should be warnings - Individual calls for missing restore commands - Only one authenticate call for add and remove options and also sequences - RH-Satellite-6 service now upstream - Conflict for selinux-policy needed to be updated to newer release (RHBZ#1304723) [] - Rebase to - firewall.command: Fix python3 DBusException message not interable error - src/ Fix path in firewall-[offline-] while installing - firewallctl: Do not trace back on list command without further arguments - firewallctl (man1): Added remaining sections zone, service, .. - firewallctl: Added runtime-to-permanent, interface and source parser, IndividualCalls setting - firewall.server.config: Allow to set IndividualCalls property in config interface - Fix missing icmp rules for some zones - runProg: Fix issue with running programs - firewall-offline-cmd: Fix issues with missing system-config-firewall - firewall.core.ipXtables: Split up source and dest addresses for transaction - firewall.server.config: Log error in case of loading malformed files in watcher - Install and package the firewallctl man page [0.4.3-3] - Readding RH-Satellite-6 service [0.4.3-2] - Fixed typo in Requires(post) [0.4.3-1] - Rebase to 0.4.3 - Rebase to the new upstream and new release (RHBZ#1302802) - New firewallctl command line utility (RHBZ#1147959) - Adds radius TCP ports (RHBZ#1219717) - XSD enhancements for conflicting tag specification (RHBZ#1296573) - Adds port for corosync-qnetd to high-availability service (RHBZ#1347530) [0.4.2-1] - Rebase to 0.4.2 - Allows unspecifying zone binding for interfaces in firewall-config (RHBZ#1066037) - Adds improved management of zone binding for interfaces, connections and sources (RHBZ#1083626) - Adds commands to showing details of zones, services, .. (RHBZ#1147500) - Adds a default logging option (RHBZ#1147951) - Adds quiet option for firewall-offline-cmd (RHBZ#1220467) - Adds support for zone chain usage in direct rules (RHBZ#1136801, RHBZ#1336881) - Adds source port support in zones, services and rich rules (RHBZ#1214770) - Adds services imap and smtps (RHBZ#1220196) - Fixes runtime to permanent migration(RHBZ#1237242) - Fixes removal of destination addresses for services in permanent view in firewall-config (RHBZ#1278281) - Fixes firewall-config usage over ssh (RHBZ#1281416) - Fixes reload disconnects with existing connections (RHBZ#1287449) - Fixes ICMP packet drops while reloading (RHBZ#1288177) - Adds option to add a new zone, service, .. from existing file (RHBZ#1292926) - Adds improved checks for file readers, fixes error reporting of strings containing illegal characters (RHBZ#1303026) - Transforms direct.passthrough errors into warnings (RHBZ#1301573) - Reduced getprotobyname and getservbyname calls for NIS use (RHBZ#1305434) - Fixes (repeated) firewalld reload by sending SIGHUP signal (RHBZ#1313023) - Adds After=dbus.service to service file to fix shutdown (RHBZ#1313845) - Adds ICMP block inversion support (RHBZ#1325335) - Fixes local traffic issue with masquerading in default zone (RHBZ#1326130) - Adds destination rich rules without an element (RHBZ#1326462) - Fixes reload after default zone change to newly introduced zone (RHBZ#1273888) - Fixes start without ipv6_rpfilter module (RHBZ#1285769) - Adds log of denied packets option (RHBZ#1322505)