libguestfs and virt-p2v security, bug fix, and enhancement update

ID ELSA-2016-2576
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2016-11-09T00:00:00


libguestfs [1:1.32.7-3] - Rebase to libguestfs 1.32 in RHEL 7.3 resolves: rhbz#1218766 - The full tests are now run after the package has been built. - New tool and subpackage: virt-dib (safe diskimage-builder replacement). - New subpackage libguestfs-inspect-icons to reduce dependencies of main pkg (see - New tool: virt-get-kernel. - Depend on java-headless instead of full java. - New tool: virt-v2v-copy-to-local. - Disable virt-v2v subpackage on ppc64 etc resolves: rhbz#1287826 - v2v: Remove VirtualBox Additions correctly resolves: rhbz#1296606 - Add clearer warnings sections to all man pages resolves: rhbz#1293527 - v2v: Disable the --in-place option. - v2v: Support conversion of Windows > 7 resolves: rhbz#1190669 - Add code to verify tarball signatures. - General performance improvements. - v2v: Prevent duplicate -b, -n, -oa options resolves: rhbz#1326266 resolves: rhbz#1325825 - v2v: Unquote UUID and LABEL in fstab (util-linux 1335671) - v2v: Fix alignment issues in treeviews in conversion dialog resolves: rhbz#1340407 - p2v: spinner should be hidden when it stops spinning resolves: rhbz#1341564 - p2v: ethtool command is not supported on p2v client resolves: rhbz#1341608 - p2v: Add ifconfig command to ISO resolves: rhbz#1342447 - p2v: Warn if virt-p2v-make-disk used on a partition resolves: rhbz#1342337 - Build using OCaml with fix for CVE-2015-8869. resolves: rhbz#1343101 - customize: Add --uninstall option (upstream 1343375) - p2v: Document permissions on id_rsa file resolves: rhbz#1343414 - p2v: Print full curl error message resolves: rhbz#1343423 - get-kernel: Fix --format auto resolves: rhbz#1341984 - v2v: Provide better information to RHEV-M resolves: rhbz#1342398 - customize: Give an error if --truncate-recursive path does not exist resolves: rhbz#1345809 - sysprep: Add --network option so that --install option can be used resolves: rhbz#1345813 - p2v: Print proper error if incorrect password is given resolves: rhbz#1227599 - p2v: Print ssh error if incorrect hostname is given resolves: rhbz#1167916 - p2v: Display progress of operation in non-GUI mode resolves: rhbz#1229386 - p2v: Add a dialog confirming the user really means to cancel resolves: rhbz#1340464 - p2v: log window should process colour escapes and backspaces resolves: rhbz#1314244 - v2v: Fix installation of virtio drivers with *.dll files resolves: rhbz#1311373 - p2v: Improve error message when ssh login to conversion server fails resolves: rhbz#1348900 - v2v: Remove --dcpath parameter from manual resolves: rhbz#1315237 - v2v: Fix conversion of guests with floppy drives resolves: rhbz#1309706 - p2v: Better error when sudo requires a password resolves: rhbz#1340809 - v2v: Refuse to convert if there is < 1GB free in temporary directory resolves: rhbz#1316479 - inspection: Get Windows drive letters for GPT disks resolves: rhbz#1349237 - p2v: Add disk utils and display serial number of disks resolves: rhbz#855058 - p2v: Fix timeout error when connecting to unresponsive ssh server resolves: rhbz#1350363 - Remove external dependency generator. Use supermin RPM deps instead. related: rhbz#1309796 - p2v: Flush messages to the journal immediately resolves: rhbz#1229386 - customize: Fix --install on ppc64le resolves: rhbz#1264835 - lib: Fix finding icons in Windows 7 64 bit guests resolevs: rhbz#1352761 - v2v: Add virsh --quiet flag when running virt-v2v --quiet resolves: rhbz#1358142 - lib: Fix inspection of ISOs with latest libosinfo resolves: rhbz#1359652 - dib: Fix run_command exit handlers on failure resolves: rhbz#1362357 - dib: Rework run of extra-data.d hooks resolves: rhbz#1362354 - Miscellaneous fixes to man pages and --help output resolves: rhbz#1362668 - lib: Specify backing format for read-only files resolves: rhbz#1354335 - Fix --selinux-relabel option resolves: rhbz#1362669 - sparsify: Fix --in-place option with UEFI guest resolves: rhbz#1364347 - p2v: Use latest linux-firmware in ISO resolves: rhbz#1364419 - v2v: Fix guest name when using -i disk resolves: rhbz#1365005 - p2v: Fix GUI message. - v2v: Make fstrim message clearer resolves: rhbz#1366456 - v2v: Fix conversion of UEFI guests when Secure Boot OVMF installed resolves: rhbz#1367615 - lib: Fix assert-fail if port is missing in libvirt XML resolves: rhbz#1370424