java-1.7.0-openjdk security update

ID ELSA-2016-1504
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2016-07-27T00:00:00


[1:] - Add oracle-enterprise.patch - Fix DISTRO_NAME to 'Oracle Linux' [1:] - Bump to jdk7u111 b01 to fix TCK regressions (7081817 & 8162344) - Resolves: rhbz#1350038 [1:] - Bump to 2.6.7 and u111b00. - Update SystemTap bundle with fix for PR3091/RH1204159 - Drop patches (S8161262 (8147466_wrapv) and PR2939 (fontpath)) applied upstream. - Reset permissions of resources.jar to avoid it only being readable by root (PR1437). - Resolves: rhbz#1350038