openssl-fips security update


[1.0.1m-2.0.1] - update to upstream 1.0.1m - update to fips canister 2.0.9 - regenerated below patches openssl-1.0.1-beta2-rpmbuild.patch openssl-1.0.1m-rhcompat.patch openssl-1.0.1m-ecc-suiteb.patch openssl-1.0.1m-fips-mode.patch openssl-1.0.1m-version.patch openssl-1.0.1m-evp-devel.patch [1.0.1j-2.0.4] - [Orabug 20182267] The openssl-fips-devel package should Provide: openssl-devel and openssl-devel(x86-64) like the standard -devel package - The openssl-fips-devel package should include fips.h and fips_rand.h for apps that want to build against FIPS* APIs [1.0.1j-2.0.3] - [Orabug 20086847] reintroduce patch openssl-1.0.1e-ecc-suiteb.patch, update ec_curve.c which gets copied into build tree to match the patch (ie only have curves which are advertised). The change items from the orignal patch are as follows: - do not advertise ECC curves we do not support - fix CPU identification on Cyrix CPUs [1.0.1j-2.0.2] - update README.FIPS with step-by-step install instructions [1.0.1j-2.0.1] - update to upstream 1.0.1j - change name to openssl-fips - change Obsoletes: openssl to Conflicts: openssl - add Provides: openssl [1.0.1i-2.0.3.fips] - update to fips canister 2.0.8 to remove Dual EC DRBG - run gcc -v so the gcc build version is captured in the build log [1.0.1i-2.0.2.fips] - flip EVP_CIPH_* flag bits for compatibility with original RH patched pkg [1.0.1i-2.0.1.fips] - build against upstream 1.0.1i - build against fips validated canister 2.0.7 - add patch to support fips=1 - rename pkg to openssl-fips and Obsolete openssl [1.0.1e-16.14] - fix CVE-2010-5298 - possible use of memory after free - fix CVE-2014-0195 - buffer overflow via invalid DTLS fragment - fix CVE-2014-0198 - possible NULL pointer dereference - fix CVE-2014-0221 - DoS from invalid DTLS handshake packet - fix CVE-2014-0224 - SSL/TLS MITM vulnerability - fix CVE-2014-3470 - client-side DoS when using anonymous ECDH [1.0.1e-16.7] - fix CVE-2014-0160 - information disclosure in TLS heartbeat extension [1.0.1e-16.4] - fix CVE-2013-4353 - Invalid TLS handshake crash [1.0.1e-16.3] - fix CVE-2013-6450 - possible MiTM attack on DTLS1 [1.0.1e-16.2] - fix CVE-2013-6449 - crash when version in SSL structure is incorrect [1.0.1e-16.1] - add back some no-op symbols that were inadvertently dropped [1.0.1e-16] - do not advertise ECC curves we do not support - fix CPU identification on Cyrix CPUs [1.0.1e-15] - make DTLS1 work in FIPS mode - avoid RSA and DSA 512 bits and Whirlpool in 'openssl speed' in FIPS mode [1.0.1e-14] - installation of dracut-fips marks that the FIPS module is installed [1.0.1e-13] - avoid dlopening libssl.so from libcrypto [1.0.1e-12] - fix small memory leak in FIPS aes selftest - fix segfault in openssl speed hmac in the FIPS mode [1.0.1e-11] - document the nextprotoneg option in manual pages original patch by Hubert Kario [1.0.1e-9] - always perform the FIPS selftests in library constructor if FIPS module is installed [1.0.1e-8] - fix use of rdrand if available - more commits cherry picked from upstream - documentation fixes [1.0.1e-7] - additional manual page fix - use symbol versioning also for the textual version [1.0.1e-6] - additional manual page fixes - cleanup speed command output for ECDH ECDSA [1.0.1e-5] - use _prefix macro [1.0.1e-4] - add relro linking flag [1.0.1e-2] - add support for the -trusted_first option for certificate chain verification [1.0.1e-1] - rebase to the 1.0.1e upstream version [1.0.0-28] - fix for CVE-2013-0169 - SSL/TLS CBC timing attack (#907589) - fix for CVE-2013-0166 - DoS in OCSP signatures checking (#908052) - enable compression only if explicitly asked for or OPENSSL_DEFAULT_ZLIB environment variable is set (fixes CVE-2012-4929 #857051) - use __secure_getenv() everywhere instead of getenv() (#839735) [1.0.0-27] - fix sslrand(1) and sslpasswd(1) reference in openssl(1) manpage (#841645) - drop superfluous lib64 fixup in pkgconfig .pc files (#770872) - force BIO_accept_new(*: ) to listen on IPv4 [1.0.0-26] - use PKCS#8 when writing private keys in FIPS mode as the old PEM encryption mode is not FIPS compatible (#812348) [1.0.0-25] - fix for CVE-2012-2333 - improper checking for record length in DTLS (#820686) - properly initialize tkeylen in the CVE-2012-0884 fix [1.0.0-24] - fix for CVE-2012-2110 - memory corruption in asn1_d2i_read_bio() (#814185) [1.0.0-23] - fix problem with the SGC restart patch that might terminate handshake incorrectly - fix for CVE-2012-0884 - MMA weakness in CMS and PKCS#7 code (#802725) - fix for CVE-2012-1165 - NULL read dereference on bad MIME headers (#802489) [1.0.0-22] - fix incorrect encryption of unaligned chunks in CFB, OFB and CTR modes [1.0.0-21] - fix for CVE-2011-4108 & CVE-2012-0050 - DTLS plaintext recovery vulnerability and additional DTLS fixes (#771770) - fix for CVE-2011-4576 - uninitialized SSL 3.0 padding (#771775) - fix for CVE-2011-4577 - possible DoS through malformed RFC 3779 data (#771778) - fix for CVE-2011-4619 - SGC restart DoS attack (#771780) [1.0.0-20] - fix x86cpuid.pl - patch by Paolo Bonzini [1.0.0-19] - add known answer test for SHA2 algorithms [1.0.0-18] - fix missing initialization of a variable in the CHIL engine (#740188) [1.0.0-17] - initialize the X509_STORE_CTX properly for CRL lookups - CVE-2011-3207 (#736087) [1.0.0-16] - merge the optimizations for AES-NI, SHA1, and RC4 from the intelx engine to the internal implementations [1.0.0-15] - better documentation of the available digests in apps (#693858) - backported CHIL engine fixes (#693863) - allow testing build without downstream patches (#708511) - enable partial RELRO when linking (#723994) - add intelx engine with improved performance on new Intel CPUs - add OPENSSL_DISABLE_AES_NI environment variable which disables the AES-NI support (does not affect the intelx engine) [1.0.0-14] - use the AES-NI engine in the FIPS mode [1.0.0-11] - add API necessary for CAVS testing of the new DSA parameter generation [1.0.0-10] - fix OCSP stapling vulnerability - CVE-2011-0014 (#676063) - correct the README.FIPS document [1.0.0-8] - add -x931 parameter to openssl genrsa command to use the ANSI X9.31 key generation method - use FIPS-186-3 method for DSA parameter generation - add OPENSSL_FIPS_NON_APPROVED_MD5_ALLOW environment variable to allow using MD5 when the system is in the maintenance state even if the /proc fips flag is on - make openssl pkcs12 command work by default in the FIPS mode [1.0.0-7] - listen on ipv6 wildcard in s_server so we accept connections from both ipv4 and ipv6 (#601612) - fix openssl speed command so it can be used in the FIPS mode with FIPS allowed ciphers (#619762) [1.0.0-6] - disable code for SSL_OP_NETSCAPE_REUSE_CIPHER_CHANGE_BUG - CVE-2010-3864 (#649304) [1.0.0-5] - fix race in extension parsing code - CVE-2010-3864 (#649304) [1.0.0-4] - openssl man page fix (#609484) [1.0.0-3] - fix wrong ASN.1 definition of OriginatorInfo - CVE-2010-0742 (#598738) - fix information leak in rsa_verify_recover - CVE-2010-1633 (#598732) [1.0.0-2] - make CA dir readable - the private keys are in private subdir (#584810) - a few fixes from upstream CVS - make X509_NAME_hash_old work in FIPS mode (#568395) [1.0.0-1] - update to final 1.0.0 upstream release [1.0.0-0.22.beta5] - make TLS work in the FIPS mode [1.0.0-0.21.beta5] - gracefully handle zero length in assembler implementations of OPENSSL_cleanse (#564029) - do not fail in s_server if client hostname not resolvable (#561260) [1.0.0-0.20.beta5] - new upstream release [1.0.0-0.19.beta4] - fix CVE-2009-4355 - leak in applications incorrectly calling CRYPTO_free_all_ex_data() before application exit (#546707) - upstream fix for future TLS protocol version handling [1.0.0-0.18.beta4] - add support for Intel AES-NI [1.0.0-0.17.beta4] - upstream fix compression handling on session resumption - various null checks and other small fixes from upstream - upstream changes for the renegotiation info according to the latest draft [1.0.0-0.16.beta4] - fix non-fips mingw build (patch by Kalev Lember) - add IPV6 fix for DTLS [1.0.0-0.15.beta4] - add better error reporting for the unsafe renegotiation [1.0.0-0.14.beta4] - fix build on s390x [1.0.0-0.13.beta4] - disable enforcement of the renegotiation extension on the client (#537962) - add fixes from the current upstream snapshot [1.0.0-0.12.beta4] - keep the beta status in version number at 3 so we do not have to rebuild openssh and possibly other dependencies with too strict version check [1.0.0-0.11.beta4] - update to new upstream version, no soname bump needed - fix CVE-2009-3555 - note that the fix is bypassed if SSL_OP_ALL is used so the compatibility with unfixed clients is not broken. The protocol extension is also not final. [1.0.0-0.10.beta3] - fix use of freed memory if SSL_CTX_free() is called before SSL_free() (#521342) [1.0.0-0.9.beta3] - fix typo in DTLS1 code (#527015) - fix leak in error handling of d2i_SSL_SESSION() [1.0.0-0.8.beta3] - fix RSA and DSA FIPS selftests - reenable fixed x86_64 camellia assembler code (#521127) [1.0.0-0.7.beta3] - temporarily disable x86_64 camellia assembler code (#521127) [1.0.0-0.6.beta3] - fix openssl dgst -dss1 (#520152) [1.0.0-0.5.beta3] - drop the compat symlink hacks [1.0.0-0.4.beta3] - constify SSL_CIPHER_description() [1.0.0-0.3.beta3] - fix WWW:Curl:Easy reference in tsget [1.0.0-0.2.beta3] - enable MD-2 [1.0.0-0.1.beta3] - update to new major upstream release [0.9.8k-7] - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_Mass_Rebuild * Wed Jul 22 2009 Bill Nottingham - do not build special 'optimized' versions for i686, as that's the base arch in Fedora now [0.9.8k-6] - abort if selftests failed and random number generator is polled - mention EVP_aes and EVP_sha2xx routines in the manpages - add README.FIPS - make CA dir absolute path (#445344) - change default length for RSA key generation to 2048 (#484101) [0.9.8k-5] - fix CVE-2009-1377 CVE-2009-1378 CVE-2009-1379 (DTLS DoS problems) (#501253, #501254, #501572) [0.9.8k-4] - support compatibility DTLS mode for CISCO AnyConnect (#464629) [0.9.8k-3] - correct the SHLIB_VERSION define [0.9.8k-2] - add support for multiple CRLs with same subject - load only dynamic engine support in FIPS mode [0.9.8k-1] - update to new upstream release (minor bug fixes, security fixes and machine code optimizations only) [0.9.8j-10] - move libraries to /usr/lib (#239375) [0.9.8j-9] - add a static subpackage [0.9.8j-8] - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_11_Mass_Rebuild [0.9.8j-7] - must also verify checksum of libssl.so in the FIPS mode - obtain the seed for FIPS rng directly from the kernel device - drop the temporary symlinks [0.9.8j-6] - drop the temporary triggerpostun and symlinking in post - fix the pkgconfig files and drop the unnecessary buildrequires on pkgconfig as it is a rpmbuild dependency (#481419) [0.9.8j-5] - add temporary triggerpostun to reinstate the symlinks [0.9.8j-4] - no pairwise key tests in non-fips mode (#479817) [0.9.8j-3] - even more robust test for the temporary symlinks [0.9.8j-2] - try to ensure the temporary symlinks exist [0.9.8j-1] - new upstream version with necessary soname bump (#455753) - temporarily provide symlink to old soname to make it possible to rebuild the dependent packages in rawhide - add eap-fast support (#428181) - add possibility to disable zlib by setting - add fips mode support for testing purposes - do not null dereference on some invalid smime files - add buildrequires pkgconfig (#479493) [0.9.8g-11] - do not add tls extensions to server hello for SSLv3 either [0.9.8g-10] - move root CA bundle to ca-certificates package [0.9.8g-9] - fix CVE-2008-0891 - server name extension crash (#448492) - fix CVE-2008-1672 - server key exchange message omit crash (#448495) [0.9.8g-8] - super-H arch support - drop workaround for bug 199604 as it should be fixed in gcc-4.3 [0.9.8g-7] - sparc handling [0.9.8g-6] - update to new root CA bundle from mozilla.org (r1.45) [0.9.8g-5] - Autorebuild for GCC 4.3 [0.9.8g-4] - merge review fixes (#226220) - adjust the SHLIB_VERSION_NUMBER to reflect library name (#429846) [0.9.8g-3] - set default paths when no explicit paths are set (#418771) - do not add tls extensions to client hello for SSLv3 (#422081) [0.9.8g-2] - enable some new crypto algorithms and features - add some more important bug fixes from openssl CVS [0.9.8g-1] - update to latest upstream release, SONAME bumped to 7 [0.9.8b-17] - update to new CA bundle from mozilla.org [0.9.8b-16] - fix CVE-2007-5135 - off-by-one in SSL_get_shared_ciphers (#309801) - fix CVE-2007-4995 - out of order DTLS fragments buffer overflow (#321191) - add alpha sub-archs (#296031) [0.9.8b-15] - rebuild [0.9.8b-14] - use localhost in testsuite, hopefully fixes slow build in koji - CVE-2007-3108 - fix side channel attack on private keys (#250577) - make ssl session cache id matching strict (#233599) [0.9.8b-13] - allow building on ARM architectures (#245417) - use reference timestamps to prevent multilib conflicts (#218064) - -devel package must require pkgconfig (#241031) [0.9.8b-12] - detect duplicates in add_dir properly (#206346) [0.9.8b-11] - the previous change still didn't make X509_NAME_cmp transitive [0.9.8b-10] - make X509_NAME_cmp transitive otherwise certificate lookup is broken (#216050) [0.9.8b-9] - aliasing bug in engine loading, patch by IBM (#213216) [0.9.8b-8] - CVE-2006-2940 fix was incorrect (#208744) [0.9.8b-7] - fix CVE-2006-2937 - mishandled error on ASN.1 parsing (#207276) - fix CVE-2006-2940 - parasitic public keys DoS (#207274) - fix CVE-2006-3738 - buffer overflow in SSL_get_shared_ciphers (#206940) - fix CVE-2006-4343 - sslv2 client DoS (#206940) [0.9.8b-6] - fix CVE-2006-4339 - prevent attack on PKCS#1 v1.5 signatures (#205180) [0.9.8b-5] - set buffering to none on stdio/stdout FILE when bufsize is set (#200580) patch by IBM [0.9.8b-4.1] - rebuild with new binutils (#200330) [0.9.8b-4] - add a temporary workaround for sha512 test failure on s390 (#199604) * Thu Jul 20 2006 Tomas Mraz - add ipv6 support to s_client and s_server (by Jan Pazdziora) (#198737) - add patches for BN threadsafety, AES cache collision attack hazard fix and pkcs7 code memleak fix from upstream CVS [0.9.8b-3.1] - rebuild [0.9.8b-3] - dropped libica and ica engine from build * Wed Jun 21 2006 Joe Orton - update to new CA bundle from mozilla.org; adds CA certificates from netlock.hu and startcom.org [0.9.8b-2] - fixed a few rpmlint warnings - better fix for #173399 from upstream - upstream fix for pkcs12 [0.9.8b-1] - upgrade to new version, stays ABI compatible - there is no more linux/config.h (it was empty anyway) [0.9.8a-6] - fix stale open handles in libica (#177155) - fix build if 'rand' or 'passwd' in buildroot path (#178782) - initialize VIA Padlock engine (#186857) [0.9.8a-5.2] - bump again for double-long bug on ppc(64) [0.9.8a-5.1] - rebuilt for new gcc4.1 snapshot and glibc changes [0.9.8a-5] - don't include SSL_OP_NETSCAPE_REUSE_CIPHER_CHANGE_BUG in SSL_OP_ALL (#175779) * Fri Dec 09 2005 Jesse Keating - rebuilt [0.9.8a-4] - fix build (-lcrypto was erroneusly dropped) of the updated libica - updated ICA engine to 1.3.6-rc3 [0.9.8a-3] - disable builtin compression methods for now until they work properly (#173399) [0.9.8a-2] - don't set -rpath for openssl binary [0.9.8a-1] - new upstream version - patches partially renumbered [0.9.7f-11] - updated IBM ICA engine library and patch to latest upstream version [0.9.7f-10] - fix CAN-2005-2969 - remove SSL_OP_MSIE_SSLV2_RSA_PADDING which disables the countermeasure against man in the middle attack in SSLv2 (#169863) - use sha1 as default for CA and cert requests - CAN-2005-2946 (#169803) [0.9.7f-9] - add *.so.soversion as symlinks in /lib (#165264) - remove unpackaged symlinks (#159595) - fixes from upstream (constant time fixes for DSA, bn assembler div on ppc arch, initialize memory on realloc) [0.9.7f-8] - Updated ICA engine IBM patch to latest upstream version. [0.9.7f-7] - fix CAN-2005-0109 - use constant time/memory access mod_exp so bits of private key aren't leaked by cache eviction (#157631) - a few more fixes from upstream 0.9.7g [0.9.7f-6] - use poll instead of select in rand (#128285) - fix Makefile.certificate to point to /etc/pki/tls - change the default string mask in ASN1 to PrintableString+UTF8String [0.9.7f-5] - update to revision 1.37 of Mozilla CA bundle [0.9.7f-4] - move certificates to _sysconfdir/pki/tls (#143392) - move CA directories to _sysconfdir/pki/CA - patch the CA script and the default config so it points to the CA directories [0.9.7f-3] - uninitialized variable mustn't be used as input in inline assembly - reenable the x86_64 assembly again [0.9.7f-2] - add back RC4_CHAR on ia64 and x86_64 so the ABI isn't broken - disable broken bignum assembly on x86_64 [0.9.7f-1] - reenable optimizations on ppc64 and assembly code on ia64 - upgrade to new upstream version (no soname bump needed) - disable thread test - it was testing the backport of the RSA blinding - no longer needed - added support for changing serial number to Makefile.certificate (#151188) - make ca-bundle.crt a config file (#118903) [0.9.7e-3] - libcrypto shouldn't depend on libkrb5 (#135961) [0.9.7e-2] - rebuild [0.9.7e-1] - new upstream source, updated patches - added patch so we are hopefully ABI compatible with upcoming 0.9.7f * Thu Feb 10 2005 Tomas Mraz - Support UTF-8 charset in the Makefile.certificate (#134944) - Added cmp to BuildPrereq [0.9.7a-46] - generate new ca-bundle.crt from Mozilla certdata.txt (revision 1.32) [0.9.7a-45] - Fixed and updated libica-1.3.4-urandom.patch patch (#122967) [0.9.7a-44] - rebuild [0.9.7a-43] - rebuild [0.9.7a-42] - rebuild [0.9.7a-41] - remove der_chop, as upstream cvs has done (CAN-2004-0975, #140040) [0.9.7a-40] - Include latest libica version with important bugfixes * Tue Jun 15 2004 Elliot Lee - rebuilt [0.9.7a-38] - Updated ICA engine IBM patch to latest upstream version. [0.9.7a-37] - build for linux-alpha-gcc instead of alpha-gcc on alpha (Jeff Garzik) [0.9.7a-36] - handle %{_arch}=i486/i586/i686/athlon cases in the intermediate header (#124303) [0.9.7a-35] - add security fixes for CAN-2004-0079, CAN-2004-0112 * Tue Mar 16 2004 Phil Knirsch - Fixed libica filespec. [0.9.7a-34] - ppc/ppc64 define __powerpc__/__powerpc64__, not __ppc__/__ppc64__, fix the intermediate header [0.9.7a-33] - add an intermediate which points to the right arch-specific opensslconf.h on multilib arches * Tue Mar 02 2004 Elliot Lee - rebuilt [0.9.7a-32] - Updated libica to latest upstream version 1.3.5. [0.9.7a-31] - Update ICA crypto engine patch from IBM to latest version. * Fri Feb 13 2004 Elliot Lee - rebuilt [0.9.7a-29] - rebuilt [0.9.7a-28] - Fixed libica build. * Wed Feb 04 2004 Nalin Dahyabhai - add '-ldl' to link flags added for Linux-on-ARM (#99313) [0.9.7a-27] - updated ca-bundle.crt: removed expired GeoTrust roots, added freessl.com root, removed trustcenter.de Class 0 root [0.9.7a-26] - Fix link line for libssl (bug #111154). [0.9.7a-25] - add dependency on zlib-devel for the -devel package, which depends on zlib symbols because we enable zlib for libssl (#102962) [0.9.7a-24] - Use /dev/urandom instead of PRNG for libica. - Apply libica-1.3.5 fix for /dev/urandom in icalinux.c - Use latest ICA engine patch from IBM. [0.9.7a-22.1] - rebuild [0.9.7a-22] - rebuild (22 wasn't actually built, fun eh?) [0.9.7a-23] - re-disable optimizations on ppc64 * Tue Sep 30 2003 Joe Orton - add a_mbstr.c fix for 64-bit platforms from CVS [0.9.7a-22] - add -Wa,--noexecstack to RPM_OPT_FLAGS so that assembled modules get tagged as not needing executable stacks [0.9.7a-21] - rebuild * Thu Sep 25 2003 Nalin Dahyabhai - re-enable optimizations on ppc64 * Thu Sep 25 2003 Nalin Dahyabhai - remove exclusivearch [0.9.7a-20] - only parse a client cert if one was requested - temporarily exclusivearch for %{ix86} * Tue Sep 23 2003 Nalin Dahyabhai - add security fixes for protocol parsing bugs (CAN-2003-0543, CAN-2003-0544) and heap corruption (CAN-2003-0545) - update RHNS-CA-CERT files - ease back on the number of threads used in the threading test [0.9.7a-19] - rebuild to fix gzipped file md5sums (#91211) [0.9.7a-18] - Updated libica to version 1.3.4. [0.9.7a-17] - rebuild [0.9.7a-10.9] - free the kssl_ctx structure when we free an SSL structure (#99066) [0.9.7a-16] - rebuild [0.9.7a-15] - lower thread test count on s390x [0.9.7a-14] - rebuild [0.9.7a-13] - disable assembly on arches where it seems to conflict with threading [0.9.7a-12] - Updated libica to latest upstream version 1.3.0 [0.9.7a-9.9] - rebuild [0.9.7a-11] - rebuild [0.9.7a-10] - ubsec: don't stomp on output data which might also be input data [0.9.7a-9] - temporarily disable optimizations on ppc64 * Mon Jun 09 2003 Nalin Dahyabhai - backport fix for engine-used-for-everything from 0.9.7b - backport fix for prng not being seeded causing problems, also from 0.9.7b - add a check at build-time to ensure that RSA is thread-safe - keep perlpath from stomping on the libica configure scripts * Fri Jun 06 2003 Nalin Dahyabhai - thread-safety fix for RSA blinding [0.9.7a-8] - rebuilt [0.9.7a-7] - Added libica-1.2 to openssl (featurerequest). [0.9.7a-6] - fix building with incorrect flags on ppc64 [0.9.7a-5] - add patch to harden against Klima-Pokorny-Rosa extension of Bleichenbacher's attack (CAN-2003-0131) [ 0.9.7a-4] - add patch to enable RSA blinding by default, closing a timing attack (CAN-2003-0147) [0.9.7a-3] - disable use of BN assembly module on x86_64, but continue to allow inline assembly (#83403) [0.9.7a-2] - disable EC algorithms [0.9.7a-1] - update to 0.9.7a [0.9.7-8] - add fix to guard against attempts to allocate negative amounts of memory - add patch for CAN-2003-0078, fixing a timing attack [0.9.7-7] - Add openssl-ppc64.patch [0.9.7-6] - EVP_DecryptInit should call EVP_CipherInit() instead of EVP_CipherInit_ex(), to get the right behavior when passed uninitialized context structures (#83766) - build with -mcpu=ev5 on alpha family (#83828) * Wed Jan 22 2003 Tim Powers - rebuilt [0.9.7-4] - Added IBM hw crypto support patch. * Wed Jan 15 2003 Nalin Dahyabhai - add missing builddep on sed [0.9.7-3] - debloat - fix broken manpage symlinks [0.9.7-2] - fix double-free in 'openssl ca' [0.9.7-1] - update to 0.9.7 final [0.9.7-0] - update to 0.9.7 beta6 (DO NOT USE UNTIL UPDATED TO FINAL 0.9.7) * Wed Dec 11 2002 Nalin Dahyabhai - update to 0.9.7 beta5 (DO NOT USE UNTIL UPDATED TO FINAL 0.9.7) [0.9.6b-30] - add configuration stanza for x86_64 and use it on x86_64 - build for linux-ppc on ppc - start running the self-tests again [0.9.6b-29hammer.3] - Merge fixes from previous hammer packages, including general x86-64 and multilib [0.9.6b-29] - rebuild [0.9.6b-28] - update asn patch to fix accidental reversal of a logic check [0.9.6b-27] - update asn patch to reduce chance that compiler optimization will remove one of the added tests [0.9.6b-26] - rebuild [0.9.6b-25] - add patch to fix ASN.1 vulnerabilities [0.9.6b-24] - add backport of Ben Laurie's patches for OpenSSL 0.9.6d [0.9.6b-23] - own {_datadir}/ssl/misc * Fri Jun 21 2002 Tim Powers - automated rebuild * Sun May 26 2002 Tim Powers - automated rebuild [0.9.6b-20] - free ride through the build system (whee!) [0.9.6b-19] - rebuild in new environment [0.9.6b-17, 0.9.6b-18] - merge RHL-specific bits into stronghold package, rename [stronghold-0.9.6c-2] - add support for Chrysalis Luna token * Tue Mar 26 2002 Gary Benson - disable AEP random number generation, other AEP fixes [0.9.6b-15] - only build subpackages on primary arches [0.9.6b-13] - on ia32, only disable use of assembler on i386 - enable assembly on ia64 [0.9.6b-11] - fix sparcv9 entry [stronghold-0.9.6c-1] - upgrade to 0.9.6c - bump BuildArch to i686 and enable assembler on all platforms - synchronise with shrimpy and rawhide - bump soversion to 3 * Wed Oct 10 2001 Florian La Roche - delete BN_LLONG for s390x, patch from Oliver Paukstadt [0.9.6b-9] - update AEP driver patch * Mon Sep 10 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - adjust RNG disabling patch to match version of patch from Broadcom [0.9.6b-8] - disable the RNG in the ubsec engine driver [0.9.6b-7] - tweaks to the ubsec engine driver [0.9.6b-6] - tweaks to the ubsec engine driver [0.9.6b-5] - update ubsec engine driver from Broadcom [0.9.6b-4] - move man pages back to %{_mandir}/man?/foo.?ssl from %{_mandir}/man?ssl/foo.? - add an [ engine ] section to the default configuration file * Thu Aug 09 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - add a patch for selecting a default engine in SSL_library_init() [0.9.6b-3] - add patches for AEP hardware support - add patch to keep trying when we fail to load a cert from a file and there are more in the file - add missing prototype for ENGINE_ubsec() in engine_int.h [0.9.6b-2] - actually add hw_ubsec to the engine list * Tue Jul 17 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - add in the hw_ubsec driver from CVS [0.9.6b-1] - update to 0.9.6b * Thu Jul 05 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - move .so symlinks back to %{_libdir} * Tue Jul 03 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - move shared libraries to /lib (#38410) * Mon Jun 25 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - switch to engine code base * Mon Jun 18 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - add a script for creating dummy certificates - move man pages from %{_mandir}/man?/foo.?ssl to %{_mandir}/man?ssl/foo.? * Thu Jun 07 2001 Florian La Roche - add s390x support * Fri Jun 01 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - change two memcpy() calls to memmove() - don't define L_ENDIAN on alpha [stronghold-0.9.6a-1] - Add 'stronghold-' prefix to package names. - Obsolete standard openssl packages. * Wed May 16 2001 Joe Orton - Add BuildArch: i586 as per Nalin's advice. * Tue May 15 2001 Joe Orton - Enable assembler on ix86 (using new .tar.bz2 which does include the asm directories). * Tue May 15 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - make subpackages depend on the main package * Tue May 01 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - adjust the hobble script to not disturb symlinks in include/ (fix from Joe Orton) * Fri Apr 27 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - drop the m2crypo patch we weren't using * Tue Apr 24 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - configure using 'shared' as well * Sun Apr 08 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - update to 0.9.6a - use the build-shared target to build shared libraries - bump the soversion to 2 because we're no longer compatible with our 0.9.5a packages or our 0.9.6 packages - drop the patch for making rsatest a no-op when rsa null support is used - put all man pages into ssl instead of - break the m2crypto modules into a separate package * Tue Mar 13 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - use BN_LLONG on s390 * Mon Mar 12 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - fix the s390 changes for 0.9.6 (isn't supposed to be marked as 64-bit) * Sat Mar 03 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - move c_rehash to the perl subpackage, because it's a perl script now * Fri Mar 02 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - update to 0.9.6 - enable MD2 - use the libcrypto.so and libssl.so targets to build shared libs with - bump the soversion to 1 because we're no longer compatible with any of the various 0.9.5a packages circulating around, which provide lib*.so.0 * Wed Feb 28 2001 Florian La Roche - change hobble-openssl for disabling MD2 again * Tue Feb 27 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - re-disable MD2 -- the EVP_MD_CTX structure would grow from 100 to 152 bytes or so, causing EVP_DigestInit() to zero out stack variables in apps built against a version of the library without it * Mon Feb 26 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai - disable some inline assembly, which on x86 is Pentium-specific - re-enable MD2 (see http://www.ietf.org/ietf/IPR/RSA-MD-all) * Thu Feb 08 2001 Florian La Roche - fix s390 patch * Fri Dec 08 2000 Than Ngo - added support s390 * Mon Nov 20 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - remove -Wa,* and -m* compiler flags from the default Configure file (#20656) - add the CA.pl man page to the perl subpackage * Thu Nov 02 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - always build with -mcpu=ev5 on alpha * Tue Oct 31 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - add a symlink from cert.pem to ca-bundle.crt * Wed Oct 25 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - add a ca-bundle file for packages like Samba to reference for CA certificates * Tue Oct 24 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - remove libcrypto's crypt(), which doesn't handle md5crypt (#19295) * Mon Oct 02 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - add unzip as a buildprereq (#17662) - update m2crypto to 0.05-snap4 * Tue Sep 26 2000 Bill Nottingham - fix some issues in building when it's not installed * Wed Sep 06 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - make sure the headers we include are the ones we built with (aaaaarrgh!) * Fri Sep 01 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - add Richard Henderson's patch for BN on ia64 - clean up the changelog * Tue Aug 29 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - fix the building of python modules without openssl-devel already installed * Wed Aug 23 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - byte-compile python extensions without the build-root - adjust the makefile to not remove temporary files (like .key files when building .csr files) by marking them as .PRECIOUS * Sat Aug 19 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - break out python extensions into a subpackage * Mon Jul 17 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - tweak the makefile some more * Tue Jul 11 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - disable MD2 support * Thu Jul 06 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - disable MDC2 support * Sun Jul 02 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - tweak the disabling of RC5, IDEA support - tweak the makefile * Thu Jun 29 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - strip binaries and libraries - rework certificate makefile to have the right parts for Apache * Wed Jun 28 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - use %{_perl} instead of /usr/bin/perl - disable alpha until it passes its own test suite * Fri Jun 09 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - move the passwd.1 man page out of the passwd package's way * Fri Jun 02 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai - update to 0.9.5a, modified for U.S. - add perl as a build-time requirement - move certificate makefile to another package - disable RC5, IDEA, RSA support - remove optimizations for now * Wed Mar 01 2000 Florian La Roche - Bero told me to move the Makefile into this package * Wed Mar 01 2000 Florian La Roche - add lib*.so symlinks to link dynamically against shared libs * Tue Feb 29 2000 Florian La Roche - update to 0.9.5 - run ldconfig directly in post/postun - add FAQ * Sat Dec 18 1999 Bernhard Rosenkrdnzer - Fix build on non-x86 platforms * Fri Nov 12 1999 Bernhard Rosenkrdnzer - move /usr/share/ssl/* from -devel to main package * Tue Oct 26 1999 Bernhard Rosenkrdnzer - inital packaging - changes from base: - Move /usr/local/ssl to /usr/share/ssl for FHS compliance - handle RPM_OPT_FLAGS openssl-1.0.1-beta2-rpmbuild.patch openssl-0.9.8a-no-rpath.patch