java-1.8.0-openjdk security update

ID ELSA-2015-1919
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2015-10-21T00:00:00


[1:] - October 2015 security update to u65b17. - Add script for generating OpenJDK tarballs from a local Mercurial tree. - Update RH1191652 patch to build against current AArch64 tree. - Use appropriate source ID to avoid unpacking both tarballs on AArch64. - Fix library removal script so jpeg, giflib and png sources are removed. - Update system-lcms.patch to regenerated upstream (8042159) version. - Drop LCMS update from rhel6-built.patch - Resolves: rhbz#1257654 [1:] - bumped release to do an build, so test whether 1251560 was really fixed - Resolves: rhbz#1254197 [1:] - updated to u60 (1255352) - Resolves: rhbz#1257654