xen security update

ID ELSA-2015-1002
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2015-05-13T00:00:00


[3.0.3-146.el5] - xen-fdc-force-the-fifo-access-to-be-in-bounds-of-the-all.patch - xen-FDC-Fix-buffer-overflow-Herv-Poussineau.patch - Resolves: bz#1219333 (xen: qemu: floppy disk controller flaw [rhel-5.11.z]) [3.0.3-144.el5] - xm: Fix vcpu-pin complain for CPU number out of range (rhbz 955656) - libxc: Support set affinity for more than 64 CPUS (rhbz 955656) - libxc: Fixes for 'support affinity for more than 64 CPUS' (rhbz 955656) - xend: Fix bug of a cpu affinity vcpu-pin under ia32pa (rhbz 955656) - libxc: Fix cpu number overflow for vcpu-pin (rhbz 955656) [3.0.3-143.el5] - libxc: move error checking next to the function which returned the error (rhbz 870413) - libxc: builder: limit maximum size of kernel/ramdisk (rhbz 870413) - e1000: discard packets that are too long if !SBP and !LPE (rhbz 910844) - e1000: discard oversized packets based on SBP|LPE (rhbz 910844)