GNOME Shell security, bug fix, and enhancement update

ID ELSA-2015-0535
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2015-03-11T00:00:00


clutter [1.14.4-12] - Include upstream patch to prevent a crash when hitting hardware limits Resolves: rhbz#1115162 [1.14.4-11] - Fix a typo in the Requires [1.14.4-10] - Add patch for quadbuffer stereo suppport Resolves: rhbz#1108891 cogl [1.14.1-6] - Add patches for quadbuffer stereo suppport Resolves: rhbz#1108890 [1.14.0-5.2] - Ensure the glBlitFramebuffer case is not hit for swrast, since that's still broken. gnome-shell [3.8.4-45] - Don't inform GDM about session changes that came from GDM Resolves: #1163474 [3.8.4-44] - If password authentication is disabled and smartcard authentication is enabled and smartcard isn't plugged in at start up, prompt user for smartcard Resolves: #1159385 [3.8.4-43] - Support long login banner messages more effectively Resolves: #1110036 [3.8.4-42] - Respect disk-writes lockdown setting Resolves: rhbz#1154122 [3.8.4-41] - Disallow consecutive screenshot requests to avoid an OOM situation Resolves: rhbz#1154107 [3.8.4-41] - Add option to limit app switcher to current workspace Resolves: rhbz#1101568 [3.8.4-40] - Try harder to use the default calendar application Resolves: rhbz#1052201 [3.8.4-40] - Update workspace switcher fix Resolves: rhbz#1092102 [3.8.4-39] - Validate screenshot parameters Resolves: rhbz#1104694 [3.8.4-38] - Fix shrinking workspace switcher Resolves: rhbz#1092102 [3.8.4-38] - Update fix for vertical monitor layouts to upstream fix Resolves: rhbz#1075240 [3.8.4-38] - Fix traceback introduced in 3.8.4-36 when unlocking via user switcher Related: #1101333 [3.8.4-37] - Fix problems with LDAP and disable-user-list=TRUE Resolves: rhbz#1137041 [3.8.4-36] - Fix login screen focus issue following idle Resolves: rhbz#1101333 [3.8.4-35] - Disallow cancel from login screen before login attempt has been initiated. Resolves: rhbz#1109530 [3.8.4-34] - Disallow cancel from login screen after login is already commencing. Resolves: rhbz#1079294 [3.8.4-33] - Add a patch for quadbuffer stereo suppport Resolves: rhbz#1108893 mutter [] - Fix window placement regression Resolves: rhbz#1153641 [3.8.4-15] - Fix delayed mouse mode Resolves: rhbz#1149585 [3.8.4-14] - Preserve window placement on monitor changes Resolves: rhbz#1126754 [3.8.4-13] - Improve handling of vertical monitor layouts Resolves: rhbz#1108322 [3.8.4-13] - Add patches for quadbuffer stereo suppport Fix a bad performance problem drawing window thumbnails Resolves: rhbz#861507