Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update

ID ELSA-2013-2503
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2013-02-07T00:00:00


[2.6.39-300.28.1] - kmod: make __request_module() killable (Oleg Nesterov) [Orabug: 16286305] {CVE-2012-4398} - kmod: introduce call_modprobe() helper (Oleg Nesterov) [Orabug: 16286305] {CVE-2012-4398} - usermodehelper: implement UMH_KILLABLE (Oleg Nesterov) [Orabug: 16286305] {CVE-2012-4398} - usermodehelper: introduce umh_complete(sub_info) (Oleg Nesterov) [Orabug: 16286305] {CVE-2012-4398} - KVM: x86: invalid opcode oops on SET_SREGS with OSXSAVE bit set (CVE-2012-4461) (Jerry Snitselaar) [Orabug: 16286290] {CVE-2012-4461} - exec: do not leave bprm->interp on stack (Kees Cook) [Orabug: 16286267] {CVE-2012-4530} - exec: use -ELOOP for max recursion depth (Kees Cook) [Orabug: 16286267] {CVE-2012-4530}

[2.6.39-300.27.1] - xen-pciback: rate limit error messages from xen_pcibk_enable_msi{,x}() (Jan Beulich) [Orabug: 16243736] {CVE-2013-0231} - Xen: Fix stack corruption in xen_failsafe_callback for 32bit PVOPS guests. (Frediano Ziglio) [Orabug: 16274171] {CVE-2013-0190} - netback: correct netbk_tx_err to handle wrap around. (Ian Campbell) [Orabug: 16243309] - xen/netback: free already allocated memory on failure in xen_netbk_get_requests (Ian Campbell) [Orabug: 16243309] - xen/netback: don't leak pages on failure in xen_netbk_tx_check_gop. (Ian Campbell) [Orabug: 16243309] - xen/netback: shutdown the ring if it contains garbage. (Ian Campbell) [Orabug: 16243309] - ixgbevf fix typo in Makefile (Maxim Uvarov) [Orabug: 16179639 16168292]